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Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

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1 Tree and Shrub Fertilizer
Arbor Green® PRO Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

2 Inspired by Nature Davey Arbor Green® PRO The Davey Institute has
researched the natural soil conditions of the forest floor and recognizes the challenges of the urban forest soil. Arbor Green PRO mimics nutrient delivery as seen in the natural forest environment. Microbial release of nutrients 3-1-1 nutrient ratio Low salt index Long term nutrient buildup

3 Davey Arbor Green® PRO Why Fertilize? Forest Trees Urban Trees
Recycle nutrients Build soil over time Urban Trees Little or no recycling Disturbed soils & sub-soils Turf competition Limited natural nitrogen Urban Trees have had the natural nutrient recycling disrupted. In most cases nitrogen and other nutrients are being removed from urban environment with leaf and litter removal. Suboptimal conditions are the norm, not the exception.

4 Optimal Soil Nutrients will:
Davey Arbor Green® PRO Optimal Soil Nutrients will: Hasten maturity of young trees Maintain health & vigor of trees Rescue declining trees Cure nutrient deficiencies

5 Davey Arbor Green® PRO Arbor Green PRO Key Benefits
Developed by a tree company for use by tree companies Patented formulation Backed by Davey Untreated Treated Key Benefits Superior performance Use 25% less nitrogen Lower cost application Tree Growth Comparison Trial on established trees Length of trial – 3 years

6 Patented Formulation PPA – Polyaspartate
PPA amino acid improves nutrient availability. Compared to humates, PPA has 3 to 4 times as many nutrient holding sites per particle. Result: Less fertilizer needs to be applied. The lower application rate addresses environmental stewardship and lower cost.

7 Slow Release Nitrogen Davey Arbor Green PRO nitrogen source contains 66% water insoluble nitrogen (WIN), which provides uniform slow release rate.

8 Slow Release Nitrogen Nitrogen Release Mimics Natural Organics
Charts adapted from Nu-Gro.

9 Slow Release Nitrogen AGP Compared to Other Slow Release Nitrogen
Excess soluble nitrogen can over-stimulate vegetative growth possibly upsetting root to shoot balance. Succulent new cell growth may have weak cell walls leading to damage by insects. Excessive new growth can take away nutrients used by the plant to produce natural plant defenses used to protect against insects and disease. Charts adapted from Nu-Gro.

10 Microbial Breakdown 1. Microorganisms utilize the carbon in ureaform and release the nitrogen for the plant. 2. Because this is a biological process, it slows in cool and/or dry soils. 3. The biological release rate reduces nitrogen leaching.

11 Building the Soil Percent of Soil Nitrogen Over 7 Years
Nitrogen in Davey Arbor Green PRO will remain in the soil at a significantly higher level than conventional fertilizers resulting in more uniform growth response and healthier plants.

12 Low Salt Index A Low Salt Index Means Low Burn Potential
Arbor Green PRO is ideal to use on sensitive, newly planted, drought-stressed, or trees in decline. The AGP salt index is 10 or less compared with other products at 15 to 120. Before After

13 Arbor Green PRO 30-10-7 Patented Formulation Use 25% less nitrogen
Long lasting Two year application rate Improves nutrient holding capacity of soil compared to conventional fertilizers with humate additives Low Salt Index (less than 10) Non burning – not only for use on normal trees but also newly planted, stressed, and declining trees. Also for use on shrubs. Low Leach Potential Cost Effective

14 30-10-7 Product Specifications
Nitrogen Source Ureaform: poly-urea (carbon-based nitrogen) Potassium and Phosphorus Source Monopotassium phosphate (food grade) Amino Acid Source Potassium Polyaspartate Salt Index Less than 10 Weight 30 pound bag

15 Arbor Green PRO 30-0-10 Non-Phos
Non-Phosphorus Formulation Meet regulatory environment conditions Especially for use near water Use 25% less nitrogen Long lasting Low Salt Index (less than 10) Non burning – not only for use on normal trees but also newly planted, stressed, and declining trees. Also for use on shrubs Low Leach Potential Cost Effective

16 30-0-10 Product Specifications
Nitrogen Source Ureaform: poly-urea (carbon-based nitrogen) Potassium Source Potassium Sulfate Amino Acid Source Potassium Polyaspartate Salt Index Less than 10 Weight 30 pound bag

17 Arbor Green PRO 30-10-7 Packets
Use For: Fertilizing small caliper trees, shrubs and potted plants. When planting small caliper trees, shrubs, potted and other landscape plants. Easy-to-Use. No Mixing Tear open the packet and disperse directly in planting hole or directly on soil near the plants. Water in. Easy to Measure 1 dbh inch tree: 1 packet 2 dbh inch tree: 2 packets 3 dbh inch tree: 3 packets Packaging 48 packets per display 2 displays per carton 96 packets per carton Note: Same patented formulation as AGP in 30 lb. bag.

18 Application Basics Product Characteristics Equipment Requirements
Suspendable formulation Indefinite shelf life Non-hazardous Non-corrosive Odorless Pathogen free Weight – 30 lb. bags Pallet – 40 bags Equipment Requirements Conventional spray equipment Agitation Paddle agitation or Jet agitation with Venturi nozzles Standard soil injection probe with 4 lateral ports on tip. FMSC 785 or other standard spray gun attached to injection probe. 150 to 200 psi

19 Tank Agitation Spray tank should be equipped with sufficient agitation
to maintain fertilizer suspension. Mechanical paddle agitation is recommended. 

20 Mixing Rate One Year Rate Mix 15 lbs. (1/2 bag) of Davey Arbor Green PRO in 100 gallons of water.

21 Mixing Procedure Fill the tank with water and engage the pump during fill-up.  Add fertilizer slowly, in 5 lb. increments, to the water to ensure proper suspension.

22 Re-suspend Use soil-probe to re-suspend the material.  Avoid agitation paddles

23 Calibration With 300 ft of ¾ inch diameter hose, there is a pressure loss of approximately 5 psi per 50 ft of hose, so the pump pressure should be set at a minimum of 150 psi. 

24 Calibration 1. Collect fertilizer solution
2. Record time to collect ½ gallon 3. This should be about 4 seconds. 4. Increase or decrease pressure to be near 4 sec.

25 Tree Application 1. 50 gal. /1,000 sq. ft 2. Under canopy
3. Apply one-half (1/2) gallon of suspension per injection. Approx. 4 seconds 4. Space injections three (3) feet apart. 5. Inject to a depth of 4 to 12 inches.

26 Application – Liquid Injection
Sub-surface injection helps break-up compaction. Sub-surface injection applies fertilizer where the roots are. Start injection below the turfgrass roots to avoid competition for nutrients.

27 Application - Liquid Injection
places the fertilizer in contact with roots. Granular fertilizers require irrigation to move those fertilizers to the root zone.

28 Tree Application Pattern
3-foot centers under tree canopy to dripline. Grid or circles Avoid trunk and root crown to minimize mechanical damage to trees or shrubs. Avoid trunk and root crown to minimize mechanical damage to tree/shrub

29 Incorrect Application

30 Shrub Application Injection Apply 1/10 gallon per injection
Two (2) feet between injections. 1 second per injection

31 Shrub Application Packets
Disperse contents of packet around base of shrub or plant according to label instructions Water in.

32 Arbor Green PRO Support
Product Information Brochures Product Sheets MSDs Labels Business Development Recommendations Trade Advertising Trade Show Support Website Information Nationwide Field Service Support Distribution Solutions

33 Backed by Davey Arbor Green PRO was created, developed, and patented by scientists at The Davey Institute who are committed to innovation and environmental stewardship. Products like Arbor Green PRO are an example of the next generations tools being developed by Davey to nurture and protect trees and landscapes and enhance the overall value of properties and communities we live in.

34 For further information regarding
Thank you Thank You For further information regarding Arbor Green PRO Contact: David Fritz .com

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