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PRODUCT TOUR. OUR OBJECTIVES Present an overview of OffenderWatch Get you started right away Provide continuous support.

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2 OUR OBJECTIVES Present an overview of OffenderWatch Get you started right away Provide continuous support

3 Why does law enforcement choose OffenderWatch? Watch Systems is the leader in sex offender management and community notification 10 years experience delivering solutions coast- to-coast World class support by people who know law enforcement Recommended by National Sheriff's Association “We've sent out over 46,000 mailers and now have over 1,100 email subscribers. This is great considering we've only been fully operational for 5 months. You've delivered as promised… OffenderWatch has allowed my SORT Unit to shine and exceed legal requirements. “ Lt Mike Qualter, Brevard County Sheriffs Office, Florida

4 Why does law enforcement choose OffenderWatch? OffenderWatch is used by over 1000 offices in 38 states Each implementation is a little different OffenderWatch adapts to support your state requirements and office procedures Used by more agencies 38 states, 7 state-wide, 2 tribes 600 Sheriffs Offices 400 Police Departments 50 million online maps displayed 300,000 citizens subscribe for email alerts 7 million email alerts sent 6 million notification cards mailed

5 PRODUCT TOUR This tutorial covers:  What is OffenderWatch?  Getting Started  Add an offender  Search for an offender  Edit an offender record  Print a list of offenders  Print an offender report  Map offenders  Print your state form  Publish to the web  Get support

6 What is OffenderWatch? An offender management tool –Easy-to-use registration –Powerful searching and reporting –Built-in mapping –Verification management with calendar –Safety buffer management –Automatic web publishing –Share data with other agencies Other agencies Online Search Your registry secure web server add/edit web publish search map report verify safety buffers search map report subscribe

7 Email alert Postal Notice What is OffenderWatch? A community notification tool –Citizens access online registry 24/7 –Search neighborhood or by offender name –See offender profiles, photos, and maps –Register for proactive email alerts –Send postal flyers Online search Your registry

8 Getting started You provide your initial data You approve the look of your web registry and notices We do the setup for you! –Hosted for you - no impact on IT resources –Your existing offender data is uploaded –Your web registry, email, and postal notices have your logo, photos, and message –We set up your offense codes, web publishing, verification cycles, safety buffer radius, and notification preferences –Our geocoders make sure your offender, school, and citizen addresses will map –Any state reports or interagency data sharing is set up for you

9 Getting started Download OffenderWatch from Install on your PC with a few clicks Call 888.WATCH12 or email for your password Our help desk staff makes sure you are successful Comprehensive user training is available You are up and running in 30 days!

10 Add an offender Your existing offenders are already loaded Add new offenders using the step-by-step wizard Most fields are optional

11 Add an offender Include photos and physical description Add any other data your department requires

12 Add an offender Use to guide the interview with offender Entry is quick and easy and helps reduce errors

13 Search for an offender 1.Select any tab 2.Use any combination of fields to narrow the search 3.Sort the results by clicking a column heading 4.Results summarized and color coded by status    

14 Edit an offender record 1.Right click on an offender record and select “Edit Offender” 2.Select any tab 3.Enter any new information and click save

15 Print a list of offenders 1.After searching, select “Print List” 2.Print a list of offenders 3.Or print a thumbnail list 4.Select “Print Reports” to print offender reports for all on the list    

16 Print an offender report 1.Right click to print an individual offender report 2.Or print your completed state offender report

17 Map offenders 1.After searching, map the list of offenders 2.Right click to map a single offender

18 Publish to the web Choose which records to automatically publish to the web Published fields are set by your state rules and agency preferences Eliminates duplicate entry and saves time Your website is always up to date

19 Get support Email I need a password. How do I send you my data? This address won’t map… We need to change the website… How do I create safety buffers? Can you walk me through verifications? I need help sending a postal notification. Call 888.WATCH12 Click Help I got an unexpected result when … I got an error message when…

20 Summary OffenderWatch Installs quickly Is easy to use Saves your time Reduces errors Helps track compliance Keeps your website up to date Updates other agencies Has no impact on IT resources Gets information to citizens by web, email, or post cards Support ensures your success

21 Training Resources Live Training Contact support to arrange online or live training for OffenderWatch User Training Download help documents and presentations at: Tutorials Download these tutorials : Manage safety buffers Notify the Community Setting up OffenderWatch in 10 Steps OffenderWatch Product Tour Verifications Tutorial

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