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Little Used, but Powerful Features with GP Cathy Fregelette, CPA, PMP Practice Manager BroadPoint Technologies September 20, 2012.

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1 Little Used, but Powerful Features with GP Cathy Fregelette, CPA, PMP Practice Manager BroadPoint Technologies September 20, 2012

2 Features Business Alerts Smartlist – Export Solutions Integration Manager – Script Library

3 Business Alerts

4 Alerts that can be set up to automatically notify you and your employees about business changes via e-mail or through Microsoft Dynamics GP. Uses MS SQL to monitor business data for specific conditions – Ex. Notification when customers credit limit exceeded. Compares credit limit amounts to current amounts for your customers.

5 Business Alerts Alert Notifications Email Fax Pager message Create task displayed on user home page when Alert condition found Recommend using MAPI compliant messaging system.

6 Business Alerts Examples: Cash balances Accounts have exceeded budget Customer credit limit exceeded Past due vendors or customers

7 Business Alerts Steps to create Business Alerts Start Business Alert Wizard Define Business Alert Select and Join Tables for Alerts Rules for Business Alert Formulas Defining an alert formula Setting up an alert notification Scheduling an alert

8 Business Alerts Starting Business Alert Wizard Open Business Alert Window – Tools>Setup>System>Business Alerts Create new/Modify existing business alert

9 Business Alerts To Define a Business Alert Open the Define Business Alert window Select the database that will be checked with the alert Enter an alert ID and description of the alert Choose Next to continue setting up the alert and open the Select Tables window

10 Business Alerts Selecting and joining tables for alerts (If you select more than one table, you must join the tables using the Joining Tables window) Open the Select Tables window Select the series that includes the tables to include in the alert, then select each table to include and choose Insert. Choose Next, if youve selected more than one table, the Joining Tables window will appear. Select two tables that have columns you want to join. Select a column from each table and choose insert. The columns you select must have the same data type. Choose Next to Define an Alert Formula

11 Business Alerts Defining an Alert Formula (Rules for Business Alert Formulas noted in System Setup manual) Build the formula by adding columns, constants and operators to the business alert formula (when you choose Next, your formula is checked to ensure it complies with the rules for Formulas)

12 Business Alerts Setting up Alert Notification Indicate if alert recipients will be listed by email addresses or User IDs, and if by email indicate if they should receive a report Enter addresses or user IDS of people or groups to notify if condition occurs Enter message you want recipients to receive If Report option selected, select Report Columns, change headings, and sort as desired

13 Business Alerts Scheduling an Alert Determine frequency to check alert conditions Enter begin/end dates for alert Mark Keep Alert History to keep a record of dates/times the alert conditions occurred Mark Enable Business Alert to start using the alert Choose Test Alert to see if alert formula is valid and send test message to recipients

14 Business Alerts


16 Smartlist Export Solutions

17 Export Solutions allows you to export Smartlist search results and run Excel or Word macros before or after exporting, saving staff valuable time each time they export their Smartlist. Good for totaling, pushing to chart, pivot table, or adding additional formatting to your data

18 Smartlist Export Solutions Steps to Create Export Solutions Export Smartlist to Excel or Word Record Developer Macro to complete desired formatting (note Macro name) Save as Macro enabled workbook

19 Smartlist Export Solutions - steps… Open the Export Solutions window (With Smartlist open, choose Smartlist – Export Solutions) Enter a name for the export solution. Enter or lookup the path to the file containing the template that you want to use. Enter the preparation or completion macro. Select the users that this export solution should be visible to. Select the application to export to – Word or Excel. Expand an object in the Works for Favorites list and mark the box next to the favorite you want to use the export solution for. Save the export solution.

20 Smartlist Export Solutions

21 To Export Search results to Excel or Word Be sure results to export are displayed in Smartlist window Choose Excel or Word Button on Toolbar to open a list of Export Solutions. Choose the Quick Export option to generate a spreadsheet or table automatically from your list of export solutions.

22 Smartlist Export Solutions DEMO

23 Integration Manager – Script Library

24 Integration Manager comes with a Script Library, which provides a collection of commonly used VB Scripts that you might find useful in your integrations. These scripts can be used with Integration Manager to map and transform data, trigger events and commands, process user input and provide feedback about your integrations.

25 Integration Manager – Script Library


27 Integration Manager - Scripting Attach script to an Integration Open integration Select Properties Choose Scripts tab Select Script type Select Script from Script library and open

28 Integration Manager – Scripting Types

29 Integration Manager - Scripting Can also attach script to a field Open integration Select Destination Mapping, set the rule for the field to Use Script Click lookup button for the Script Text rule to open Script Editor window

30 Integration Manager - Scripting Demo

31 Review Business Alerts Smartlist – Export Solutions Integration Manager – out of the box scripting

32 Questions

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