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Advisor Training 2012 Office of Student Activities 103 Strebel Student Center (315) 792-3037.

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1 Advisor Training 2012 Office of Student Activities 103 Strebel Student Center (315) 792-3037

2 Overview  Role of an Advisor..... Page 4  Expectations...... Page 6  Org Recognition Process...... Page 11  How to use Pioneer Place...... Page 13

3 Thank you!  Thank you for accepting your role(s) as an advisor to your student organization(s)  Your involvement will serve both the UC Community and students by directly influencing student development  Thank you!

4 What is an advisor?  Educator  Models goals, values and missions of Utica College  Serves as a mentor to their student organization  Counsels and mediates when problems arise  Advocates for organization’s well being  Role of advisor varies between organizations

5 Basic Roles of an Advisor  “Hands-on hands-off” approach  Aids in leadership development and skills training  Group encouragement  Resource on college policies, procedures, contacts, etc.  Help the group troubleshoot problems  Access to internal and external networking  Ask questions and challenge students  Channel information  Monitor expenditures, policies and goals  Provide year to year continuity  Provide organizational history  Aid in leadership and officer transition

6 Expectations: The Student Leader/ Advisor Relationship  Student leaders and advisors must be clear about expectations  Communication= understanding + respect

7 What a student leader expects:  COMMUNICATION!  Assistance in formulating long-range goals and planning short term projects  Resource person- evaluate projects, performance and progress  Offer guidance by reviewing goals, objectives, and the progress of the organization  Assistance with college procedural matters  Suggestions on how organization could be strengthened or improved

8 What a student leader expects:  Improvement strategies for leadership skills  Accessible and available, should emergency situations arise  Willingness to listen to and be open to criticism and evaluation  Allow the group to act on its own and make mistakes, but help them learn from mistakes  Help in maintaining organization records  Encourage the division of labor among group members to sustain member interest

9 What an advisor should expect of a student leader:  COMMUNICATION!  Keep advisor informed on activities, meetings, agendas and topics under discussion  Attendance at regularly scheduled informational meetings  To assist other students in the organization in skill development  Willingness to share responsibility with other group members  Documents and historically saves all group activities  Invite advisors to meetings  Inform and invite advisors to org events

10 Questions to ask your Organization  How much involvement is needed?  How many events does the organization sponsor each semester?  How often does the organization meet?  How do your skills match the needs of the organization?  What are some needed improvement areas within the organization?  Is the advisor expected to give feedback? How often and when?

11 Organization Registration  MUST HAVE:  At least 5 members total, including:  President/Director  Treasurer/Comptroller  Faculty/Staff Advisor  Valid and current constitution  Pioneer Place should always have the most up to date information on student organizations. After elections (which can also be done through PioPlace), the roster and position titles should be updated immediately to reflect new positions and new members should always be invited.

12 Recognition privileges  Student Senate Funding  Reservation of rooms  Posting fliers  Org mailbox  On-campus fundraising  Assistance on finding resources  Pioneer Place!

13 What is Pioneer Place?  Social network platform designed by Collegiate Link exclusive only to Utica College  Allows management of co- curricular activities such as student organizations and events  Promotes student involvement

14 Perks of Pioneer Place  Student Organizations MUST have a Pioneer Place to be recognized by Student Senate  All Utica students, faculty and staff can make personal page  All Utica personal may view news, upcoming events, etc. of any student organization

15 Advantages of Pioneer Place for Student Organizations * * * IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ADVISOR TO KEEP PIONEER PLACE UPDATED, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT MEMBERS * * *  Management of members, e-board, events and news  Private messages to organization members  Social Networking sites such as Facebook and/or Twitter, may be link to an organization’s page  Advertisement of events on campus-wide “Flyer board”

16 Pioneer Place: The Basics  Updating Organization Profile  Adding New Members  Updating/Adding New Positions  Creating Events  Uploading News  Sending Messages * Any members given the permissions to update your organization’s profile can perform any of the above tasks

17 Updating Organization Profile  Click [Edit Profile] underneath organization’s profile picture  You can edit the Summary Description, Full Description, Contact Information and External Page Links, etc.  Click [Update] to update the changes to your organization’s page  Your profile changes have now been updated

18 Adding New Members  Click [Invite people] under the tab [Roster] in left-hand menu  Enter the campus e-mail addresses of individuals you wish to send membership invitations  Select [Member] from the drop down menu  Click [Send Invitations] when all people have been added to the list  A message will be sent to those selected which will prompt them to either accept or decline invitation

19 Updating/Adding New Positions  Click [Create New Positions] under [Positions] tab in left- hand menu  The Positions Templates that are available for this organization are listed. Click the name of the position that best matches the new position  Update the name of the position  Update the remaining options as appropriate  Click [Create]  The new position has been added to your organization’s profile.

20 Creating Events  Click [Create Event] under [Events] tab in left-hand menu  Enter the Name, Location, Start Time and End Time  Enter a brief description of the event and attach a pre- approved flyer  Include any additional information that may be required  Click “Save”  Identify who you’d like to invite to the event by username or e-mail

21 Uploading News  Click on [Create Article] under the [News] tab in the left-hand menu  Enter the title summary, and the full story of the article. You can use the text editing features to customize the style of the story of your article  Upload an image to be displayed with the summary in the News ticker  Click [Save Article]

22 Sending Messages  Click [Messaging] under [Roster] tab in the left-hand menu  Click [Send Message] under the appropriate delivery method  Create a delivery statement using the criteria lists by clicking [Edit] on each component  Enter a subject line for the message and the body of the message  Click [Send] to send the message to your indicated recipients

23 Want more information on Pioneer Place?  Additional information and instructional power points and word documents are available upon request  Remember, any organization members can be granted permission to update the organization’s profile  Bethany Piraino, Assistant Director of Student Activities x3037

24 Advising Tips  Have a strong interest and commitment to the student organization and mission  Build a strong relationship with the president, chairperson, or other key members as they will be your main point of contact  Praise in public, criticize in private  Provide an outside perspective and assist students with seeing “outside the box”  Make sure all executive board members have your contact info (e-mail address, work or cell-phone number)

25 Student Activities Office Bethany Piraino-Assistant Director UCPB Advisor x 5294 Fran Lucia- Event Coordinator Greek Life Advisor x 3037

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