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Lori Murphy, Program Coordinator for Anchor Link Courtney Salters, Director of Student Organizations & Governance Clayton Arrington, Senior Director of.

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1 Lori Murphy, Program Coordinator for Anchor Link Courtney Salters, Director of Student Organizations & Governance Clayton Arrington, Senior Director of Student Programs & Organizations

2  Registering & tracking attendance at ALL on campus Greek events & all programs used for Standards ◦ Philanthropy benefits ◦ Community service events ◦ Educational programs ◦ Fraternity parties ◦ Brotherhood/sisterhood events  Completing Greek Standards Forms  Tracking member community service hours ◦ The Community Service Chair/Chapter Officers will log hours from events planned or coordinated by the chapter through your chapter’s Anchor Link group

3  Advertising Greek Events & Programs to Campus  Posting News Articles to promote the positive work of the Greek Community or your chapter ◦ Recap of a educational program or philanthropy event ◦ Announcement of the chapter or members winning awards  Managing Chapter Meetings & Internal Programs ◦ Sending out agendas ◦ Tracking members attendance at meetings (chapter, exec, recruitment, etc.) ◦ Posting meeting minutes ◦ Creating forms for chapter business (ex. volunteer signs ups, chapter agenda submissions)

4  Registering off-campus 3 rd party vendor events with alcohol (ex. Date Parties or Formals) ◦ These functions should be registered using the “Greek Off-Campus Social Event Notification Form” available in the Office of Greek Life  Communication with Potential New Members inconsistent with Panhellenic policies


6 Organization Homepage Social Media Integration Contact Information Twitter Feed Facebook Feed Customizable Banner

7 Customize Organization Styles Chapters can upload custom header images to appear at the top of their profile pages to look more like a website. Multiple headers can be uploaded to create a rotating banner.

8 Customize Organization Styles Chapters can customize the fonts and colors used for toolbars and headings of their profile

9 Profile Page Complete the profile section of your organization with information about your chapter: history, mission, values, etc.

10 News Feature Use the News feature to stories about your chapter to show up on your chapter’s page and the Anchor Link home page The News section can be used to post articles, press releases, or blog posts with the option for users to provide comments

11 Events Calendar Institutional Memory: Anchor Link will store past events from previous years including attendance records

12 Detailed Event Page Invite people in your organizations or by e-mail addresses Track attendance with card readers or by recording e-mails Export to Google Calendar or iCal NOTE: Events put into Anchor Link are not auto- approved but they have to be confirmed by a system administrator. Events are reviewed for approval on a daily basis during the work week.

13 Manage Invitations You can input a list of e- mail addresses of people you would like to invite— ex. past event attendees who swiped into your event You can invite anyone who is a member of an organization you are a part of through Anchor Link to your events.

14 Track Attendance Click this button when using card readers to swipe attendance You can export your attendance list to Excel which will include timestamp, names, & e- mails of attendees

15 Membership Roster Greek rosters & officers are automatically populated for you It is recommended that you encourage your members and officers to upload profile photos Click “Mange Positions” under Roster to add more officers or change members access levels

16 Utilize the “Messaging” feature to send e-mails or text messages to all members or subsets of members on your roster Roster Messaging Feature

17 Customize texts or e-mails to be sent to all members or only certain positions Roster Messaging Feature Make sure to provide your cell phone number under “Notifications” if you want to take advantage of this feature

18 User Notification Settings Entering your cell phone number allows groups that you are a part of to send you text messages

19 Document Storage Organizations can upload and store documents of various types (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) Organizations can designate whether documents should be visible to the public, campus only, members only, or specific positions

20 Embedded Forms Organizations can create forms for internal use or for public access with approve or deny functionality

21 Elections & Polls You can conduct leadership elections or poll members (ex. catering for chapter) using the Elections feature


23  Book your space (if not at your chapter house)  Go to your chapter’s page, click “Events” then click “Create Events” ◦ Note: You must be assigned an officer position with access to this feature to create events or be able to track attendance  Start with Anchor Link for advertising ◦ Automatic feed to the University Calendar ◦ Easily exported to Google Calendar by clicking the export button on an event

24 Greek Event Registration ALL on campus Greek Events need to be registered through Anchor Link including: Philanthropy Events Educational Programs Brotherhood/sister hood events Service projects Fraternity Parties Events can be created through the Events tab on a chapter’s profile

25  TYPE: ◦ Select “Organization Only” for chapter- specific events ◦ Select “Campus Only” or “Public” for events you want to appear on the cork board  RSVP Option: ◦ Select “Open” RSVP feature so students can RSVP to keep track of the event

26  Category: ◦ Always select “Sorority” or “Fraternity”+ anything that describes your event  Event Flyer: ◦ Upload a flyer/logo to appear on the Cork Board  Upload a Document if Relevant  Ex. Meeting Agenda

27 Greek Event Registration Check all applicable boxes & complete corresponding forms *If you have Special Event needs (Plant Ops, Police, Traffic & Parking, etc.) you may need to attend a Special Event Registration Meeting through the Office of Reservations & Events before your event is approved

28 Greek Event Registration



31 1. Logging Hours Done with your Chapter in ANCHOR LINK 2. Capturing Hours Done with Other Organizations through the Method of your Choice

32  “With your Chapter” means: community service activities planned or coordinated by your chapter ◦ *Attending or planning a benefit or philanthropy event does not count  The Community Service Chair is responsible for recording these hours in ANCHOR LINK through the chapter’s page  This includes all hours from the entire year considered for standards (March 2012 -February 2013)

33 Community Service Chair enters the name and hours for each service project participant here You will receive an excel spreadsheet of these hours prior to standards

34  These hours can be recorded through the method of your choice ◦ Ex. Excel spreadsheet, Google doc, note cards, etc.  The Community Service Chair is responsible for reviewing these hours and removing anything that is not considered service  You will combine these hours with chapter hours from ANCHOR LINK in a 3 tabbed spreadsheet for standards

35  Review the Excel printout of your chapter’s current service hours that have been recorded in ANCHOR LINK ◦ *If you don’t have a printout, your chapter has not recorded any hours!  If your chapter has input/approved service hours in ANCHOR LINK that were not done with your chapter, contact me at

36 Chapter PresidentsBoard of Trust Room New Member Education - IFCSarratt 331 New Member Education - PCSarratt 325/327 Finance Officers/TreasurersSarratt 189 Programming Chairs/Risk Managers Lower Level Meeting Room1&2 Service Learning/Community Service Chairs Lower Level Meeting Room 3 Alumni Relations/Communications Chairs Rand 308 (Next to the Anchor)

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