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About BHB Hydrogen Water

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1 About BHB Hydrogen Water
Hydrogen-rich Water is also known as Hydrogen Water. Modern medicine believe that, corruption of substance is the process of acidification (oxidation). large amounts of per-oxy radicals are produced by breathing oxygen, smoking, alcohol consumption and environment pollution etc., which offers wanton destruction on cells and tissues, then resulting in genetic diseases and a fast aging body. Active hydrogen can effectively remove these free radicals, and hydrogen-rich water exhibits much better oxidation resistance than vitamin C, carrots, lecithin and all other natural antioxidants known to man and displays strong preventive and curing effects on atopic dermatitis, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and other symptoms caused by free radicals. Regular consumption of hydrogen-rich water can remarkably improve metabolism in the human body, thus maintain homeostasis of each cell by ways of bodily "rust" removal and slowing down the effects of aging.

2 Aging starts from the moment of birth, when the body makes contact with the oxygen in the open air.
While oxygen is the source of energy of the human body, oxidation occurs with its presence. It is generally believed that "reactive oxygen radicals” are the causes of diseases and the effect of aging is partly attributed to oxygen consumption. However, oxygen generates both "Necessary Active Oxygen Radicals" and "Harmful Active Oxygen Radicals“. "Necessary Active Oxygen Radicals" are produced in the human body to cleanse necrotic cells, and cause no illnesses, though the body's aging process is attributed to it. Nowadays, the perils of our living environment, lifestyle and diet, including air and water pollution, electromagnetic radiation, working stress, irregular work schedules, anger, irritability, food pollution, etc., have led to greatly increased amounts of extra Oxygen Radicals. These excessive free radicals are generated in various parts of the human body, have proved far beyond the human body's range of tolerance, and caused varying degrees of damage to the organs they reach, and a variety of diseases would follow.


4 It has been medically proven that, oxygen radicals can cause hundreds of diseases, thus to eliminate them, oxidation resistance of human body need to be enhanced – which can be done by adding hydrogen in a gas form to purified water, converting it into healthier drinking water.

5 Product Specifications
Ingredients: Purified Water, Hydrogen Gas Shelf Life: month Net Content: ml Carried Standard: Q/XCHMQ (China) Preserving Method: Normal temperature, avoid light and frozen, taste better in cool storage. Drinking Method: Direct drinking after opnening; to insure effect, do not exceed 60 ℃ while heating. Product Features 1. pH Value: Ordinary water ; Hydrovita Hydrogen-rich Water ,in weak alkaline; 2. Hydrogen Content: Ordinary water 0 hydrogen content; Hydrovita Hydrogen-rich Water ppm; 3. Redox Potential: Orddinary water mv;Hydrovita Hydrogen-rich Water -500mv 4. Strong Reduction: Hydrovita Hydrogen-rich Water could effectively neutralize oxygen free radicals 5. Cells reparing, freshing looking; 6. Relieve stress, slow down aging; 7. Promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue of sub-health groups




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