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Hiring Proposal Update  After careful consideration by the campus HR teams, the hiring proposal feed from Jobs at CU to HRMS will no longer be utilized.

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2 Hiring Proposal Update  After careful consideration by the campus HR teams, the hiring proposal feed from Jobs at CU to HRMS will no longer be utilized.  New hires should be updated in HRMS directly.  Employee role for new hires will need to be created manually in Jobs at CU.  Without an employee role in Jobs at CU, the incumbent cannot be seated into a position in Jobs at CU. Additional updates  Many of you have requested the ability to move inactive applicants to workflow status ‘Under review by search committee.’  This functionality is currently being tested, and when it becomes available we will provide the update.

3 Special Off-cycle Time Collection Process ▪ We have listened to both the needs of our business partners as well as our employees and are excited to announce that we are working on a process that will allow business partners to make payroll corrections more efficiently. ▪ Beginning this spring, business partners will be able to correct errors through the time collection process on a weekly basis. These corrections should be the exception not the rule, and we will be monitoring the use of these off-cycle payments to see if there are ways that Employee Services can work with you more closely to ensure that most payments are made to employees during the normal period cycle. ▪ With this enhancement, hand-drawns will only be needed for involuntary terminations, overpayments, settlements and other rare circumstances. ▪ Watch for updates in Pay Roles & Work/Life announcements.

4  Salary Upload Information  Increases approved for faculty, university staff and classified staff.  If you need access to the salary planning page, request access early. Salary Planning Access is listed under the ES (PBS) Specialized Access Role category on the HRMS Access Request Form.

5  Salary Upload Dates  Salary upload for 12-month faculty, university staff, classified staff and medical residents will take place on Tuesday, July 1. ▪ * Salary planning entry deadline is Monday, June 30.  Salary upload for AY contract faculty will take place on Friday, August 1. ▪ *Salary Planning entry deadline is Thursday, July 31. *Campus deadlines may vary.

6  New process for benefit enrollment  We will be using PeopleSoft’s eBenefits for benefit enrollments – both for Open Enrollment and for new hires and family status changes throughout the year.  New hires began using the system April 1.

7  Portal Update – Multi-Factor Authentication  Additional layer of security coming early this summer.  Passes additional code to user via text or voice message.  Will utilize user’s home, cellular, campus 1 or campus 2 phone number from HRMS.  Encourage ALL employees to verify and/or update phone numbers now in preparation for new security feature.  Will allow ES to reinstate direct deposit changes and access to W-2s via the portal.

8  Paycards are coming  For pay dates after July 1, 2014, ES no longer will issue checks. All payments will be made by direct deposit or paycard.  We will be communicating soon with all employees currently receiving a paper check.  More information to come for involuntary terminations.  SOW forms are changing

9  Expos were held on the campuses at the end of March/first part of April  More than 1,300 employees attended  5 iPads given away  Received many comments from staff  Currently planning our next Expos coming in fall

10 April 28 – May 16 5 p.m. MDT Enroll online through the portal! 1.Log into the portal 2.Click on Payroll and Compensation 3.Click Benefits Enrollment 4.Review current enrollment and OE elections in Benefits Summary

11 No Carrier Changes Medical Plans Vision Plan Dental Plans Life Insurance Disability Anthem Harrington Health for Kaiser Permanente Anthem Blue View Vision Delta Dental The Standard

12  Rates Minimal changes  Vision Plan 2-year enrollment commitment  Hearing Aids Removal of limits on CU Health Plans – Exclusive, High Deductible and Access Network  Health Care Flexible Spending ASI Flex Card  Classified Staff <50% Now only eligible for CU coverage – No State of CO plans

13  HCM Upgrade updates  There have been a number of campus power users volunteered to serve on one of the upgrade committees. Thank you!  Taleo has been selected to replace Jobs at CU. There will be more details provided as we learn more about this new software. This will go live at the time of the upgrade.  ePerformance and onboarding tools will also be available as we upgrade.  We are working on having a portion of the ES website devoted to upgrade meeting minutes, decisions, customizations eliminated, presentations, captivate videos, etc.  Working on surveys that will be used to allow you to provide input.

14  Personal Data FIT/Gap  Not many changes  Custom naming configuration (Last Name, ‘space’ First Name) will not carry forward into 9.2. Can search by first name under name field.

15  Personal Data FIT/Gap  Will not hide any fields (birth state)  Still encrypt SSN  Highest education level to feed to CIW

16  Personal Data FIT/Gap  Will add an address type of campus box to eliminate customization

17  Personal Data FIT/Gap  Not really changing

18  Personal Data FIT/Gap  Home Department will be removed and replaced with a primary job flag (as-delivered).  New online I-9 process  Background checks may be stored in Taleo. Other data will be stored – maybe on different pages.

19  Manager (Business Partner) Dashboards  Smart Hire - Demo  To show you some of the new technology and get your feedback, we will do a demo of the new pages from our demo environment.  No CU data

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