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HR Shared Services Informational Sessions Wanda Karangelen, Director Cynthia Addison, Manager.

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1 HR Shared Services Informational Sessions Wanda Karangelen, Director Cynthia Addison, Manager

2 2 Our Qualifications HR Shared Services includes 47 staff members. Here is a little fun info about us! Type of ExperienceCombined Years of Experience JHU/Health System82 IT/ERP/Business Analyst 60 HR/Benefit/Payroll174 Customer Service/Call Center 96 Education (beyond high school) 98 Wow, not everyone can say they have 510 years of experience!!!!!!!!

3 3 HR Shared Services Units Human Resources Benefits Organizational Management

4 4 More About HR Human Resources – Process HR Transactions in SAP New Hires/Rehires/Reinstatements Employee Reassignments Position Attribute Changes Terminations Salary Changes Supplemental Pays LOAs Misc Deductions

5 5 More About Benefits Benefits – Process Benefit Transactions in SAP Health & Welfare Enrollments/Changes – Insurance Health Life Disability Retirement Enrollments/Changes Recurring Deductions – Student Health Plan-Post Docs Vendor Interfaces

6 6 More About Org Management Organizational Management – Process Org Management Transactions in SAP Position – Create – Change – Assign Roles-including org units access Job/Job Group Org Unit

7 7 How HR Receives Info Human Resources – Internal Service Request (ISR) – Paper Forms Tax Forms (state/federal) Direct Deposits I9s – E-mail New Hire Additional Info Other Info Not Available on ISR – Spreadsheets Parking Misc. Deductions

8 8 How Benefits Receives Info Benefits – Paper Forms Enrollment Forms – E-mail – Spreadsheets Misc. Deductions – On-line/Interface

9 9 What Drives Benefits Eligibility Personnel Area Personnel Subarea Employee Group Employee Subgroup

10 10 How Org Management Receives Info Organizational Management – ISRs – E-mail

11 11 SAP Processing Begins JHU 12/26/06 – Weekly – Semi-Monthly JHHS 1/1/07 – Biweekly

12 12 ISRs/Forms To HR SS JHU – Weekly 12/27/06 Pay Period: 12/25/06 – 12/31/06 Pay Date: 1/5/07 – Semi Monthly 12/29/06 Pay Period: 1/1/07 – 1/15/07 Pay Date: 1/12/07 JHHS – Biweekly 1/3/07 Pay Period: 12/24/06 – 1/6/07 Pay Date: 1/12/07 See HR SS website for future deadlines.

13 13 HR Shared Services Website Visit HR SS website @ – Check Out – Job Aids – Communications/Deadlines – Advisory Board – Paycheck Communication

14 14 Paycheck Communication Objectives – Focus on what people need to know about how their pay is changing – Keep it simpleto ensure content is read and understood

15 15 Paycheck Communication Audiences – JHU: two primary audiences at the universitymost employees view their pay stubs online (online stub is not changing but methodology is); around 500 -1,000 people receive a paper stub (bargaining unit and a few others, including students) – JHBMC: one audience at Bayviewall receive paper stubs – JHHS/JHH: three audiences at the health system/hospital regular, union, home careall receive paper stubs

16 16 Paycheck Communication Key Messages (for cover letter) – Deductions usually change the first of each year to reflect regulatory changes and changes in benefit contributions – This year, there are a few more changes than usual because were implementing our new HR system (SAP) – This new system is state-of-the-art and it replaces many manual processesas a result, some calculations may be different, which could change your pay slightly – Review your pay stub once you receive itwe want to help you understand whats changing and why – If you have questions about your pay, resources are available in person, online, and by phone

17 17 Major Processing Changes Temporary Inactive Status - Students, fellowship recipients - Part time instructors Position attribute changes – Two part process – Hours changes (JHU only) Reassignments – Legacy term - transfers – Initiated by receiving dept.

18 18 Major Processing Changes Name changes and SSN changes – Processed via ISR Address Changes (current and terminated staff) – ISRs from dept New Hire Emails – Formatting Subject line – New Hire John Doe, ISR# ________ – What should they contain See Reviewing an ISR Job Aid

19 19 Special Processing Need to process multiple ISRs…. – What do I do? Miscellaneous Deductions – What format should I use? – Where should I send them? Retro processing – ISR must reflect the correct eff date – HRSS will make increase eff 1/1/07 for JHU semi, 12/24 for HS biweekly, and 12/25 for JHU weekly. – Copy of ISR will be forwarded to Payroll Shared Services who will process a one time payment to reflect retro pay due; may be a slight lag time between processing of salary change and receipt of retro pay.

20 20 Special Processing Bargaining Unit increases effective 1/1/07 – Changes will be made by HRSS without ISRs – Interim process with strict guidelines – Please refer to memo sent by Divisional Offices/Pat Day Payroll cleanup – Title changes as a result of new comp system rollout – Changes that effect salary and benefits

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