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Web Time Entry (WTE) and Web Leave Reporting (WLR)

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1 Web Time Entry (WTE) and Web Leave Reporting (WLR)
Accessible through

2 What’s the Difference between WTE and WLR?
Web Time Entry (WTE) – Nonexempts report their time worked and leave taken via electronic timesheet Web Leave Reporting (WLR) – Exempts report only their leave taken via electronic leave report

3 Exempt Leave Preiod and Pay Date
Group Deadline Period Leave Period end of next month 1st – end of month Pay Day See Calendar for ePAF deadline 1st of the following month (includes longevity for prior month and all deductions)

4 What’s in It for You? 24/7 Access of your leave report from anywhere with internet access through the webraider portal Check time balances online Check status of your leave report View and print past leave reports up to 6 months Fill out leave report quickly with automatic calculations Add comments to your leave report to aid supervisor communications Leave Balances are updated when final approver approves leave report

5 Benefit to the Approver(s)
Monitor and control the processing of your employees’ leave reports at your finger tips Quickly review and approve your employees’ leave reports Include comments on leave reports Can make correction on behalf of the employee to meet deadlines YOU don’t have to verify the math! YOU don’t have to sign every leave report and it’s one less piece of paper to handle If you return a leave report to an employee for correction, YOU know exactly where you can find it again!

6 Employee’s Responsibilities
Record your leave accurately Coordinate to report your leave taken accurately with adequate time for you to enter and submit and your approvers to complete their approvals prior to deadline Check your leave balances to verify availability of hours claimed Make sure you select the correct leave period before opening your leave report Use appropriate Leave Codes Add comments to your leave report to document any variations and/or changes to your normal work schedule Review your leave report for processing before submitting it for approval Submit your leave report within deadline coordinated with approvers and within Payroll’s Deadline

7 Approvers’ Responsibilities
Coordinate with and verify that all employees have submitted their leave reports that provides time for accurate entry and review for employee and the approver levels within the Deadline provided by Payroll. Review all submitted leave reports in detail Return leave reports with errors to employees for correction if time permits Add comments to document changes you may make to a submitted leave report Approve all leave reports prior to Payroll Deadline Designate at least one Proxy to perform your responsibilities as a back-up or be prepared to approve from anywhere when circumstances arise The Approver is the FINAL chance to find and fix errors!

8 Payroll’s Responsibilities
Facilitate the correction of leave reports and leave balances Administer the processing leave data from WLR into Banner Provide Payroll Help Desk Support for questions, routing queue issues, access problems, and timesheet extraction support Process leave balance corrections

9 What Ifs?: What if I cannot access my leave report for this pay period? Contact Payroll’s Help Desk. What if I enter leave that I did not have in my balances? Your no paid leave balance will collect hours not covered and payroll will update the next month’s paycheck or leave balances accordingly. What if I forget to turn in my leave report within Payroll’s Deadline? You would need to contact Payroll on a manual process to submit accordingly. Questions? Review My Employee Guide to WLR or contact Payroll’s .

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