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2 Today’s Topics Develop Effective Work Habits
Prospecting & Generating Leads Bookings Mean Business Hostess Coaching Customer Care Recruiting Basics Become a Skillful Interviewer “QUAD” Get Comfortable Handling Objections & Concerns Get Your Reps Off to a Fast Start

3 Develop Effective Work Habits

4 Three Obstacles to Success
You can’t “find the time” to work. You don’t know whom to contact. You don’t know what to say to prospects.


6 Tools to help you “Make Time”
Monthly Planner Daily Planner Open Dates Sheet

7 Knowing Who to Prospect
Knowing Who to Contact Who are your Circles of Influence? Knowing Who to Prospect Use the Prospect Follow Up Log

8 What is your Big Impact Habit

9 Prospecting & Generating Leads

10 What is the MOST exciting thing that happened to you and your business recently?

11 The #1 “Big” Impact Habit is……
“Make 5 Business Contacts a Day”

12 What are the Biggest Obstacles
“You don’t know whom to contact” “You don’t know what to say to prospects”

13 What are our 3 Services? Fabulous Products Free Products
Fabulous Business Opportunity

14 Who are Your Prospects? #1 People at the mall wearing Silver Jewelry – smile – pay them a sincere compliment – hand them your card, build a rapport. Where are 5 Places you can go to meet and start conversations?

15 Things to say to Initiate a Conversation
“I love your jewelry where did you get it?” “Have you ever been to a Silpada Party?” Here’s my catalog – my name is on the back.”

16 More Places to find Prospects…
#2 People you already know from you life. “Who do you know list” #3 People at Parties #4 Referrals by others 2. “Prioritize your list” Ask for referrals 4. “I love what I am doing – I wonder if you know someone that loves jewelry and might enjoy getting some for free”

17 Keeping Track of your Prospects
5 contacts X 7 days a week = 35 contacts\ It is essential that you keep track and follow up promptly. Don’t disappoint your prospect. Answer to this Problem? Prospect Follow Up Log

18 The Phone is your friend – Your most valuable business tool you will ever have!!!
Prospecting Scheduling parties & appointments Closing the sale Customer Care Recruiting Coaching your Hostess & New Reps Training for Silpada – Conference Calls

19 Available in Silpada Learning System
21 DAY CHALLENGE Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 15 Contacts Give out blank prospect logs. 105 CONTACTS Available in Silpada Learning System

20 Bookings Mean Business!!

21 Where is the best place to find your next booking?
Your Home shows!! Why? You have an audience! You need those bookings to achieve your goals Make your hostess your partner! -Offer all 3 services to your customers, announce this at your next home show!!

22 You Need Bookings! We recommend that you have at least 2 shows per week! Why is that? You meet lots of prospects at shows, try to get at least 2 bookings at each show and attract one potential rep to your business If you are getting bookings and recruiting reps, you are setting a good example for your team! If you only do 1-2 shows a month, you will feel like you are starting over at each party.

23 What are your booking ideas?
Booking on the phone Home show bookings Booking from referrals Lets do a role play!

24 Open Dates Sheet How do you use it? Blank Calendar Add incentives?
Day Date Name Phone ____________ __________________ ____________ ___________________ * Book on a “Star Date” and get an extra gift! *

25 Keep a Calendar at ALL Times
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

26 “No” Doesn’t Mean “Never”
Don’t give up if someone says no. They are not saying no to you, just to the idea of having a party. Don’t take it personally! Just say: “If you change your mind, let me know.” “Can I call you in a few months, you seem to really like the jewels.” “No problem, it is my job to ask, so I ask!”

27 Get the date! It is not a booking without a date! Get the date on the calendar, and follow up with an or phone call to confirm it! CONFIRM EVERY DATE WITHIN 48 HOURS of booking the date! SEAL THE DEAL!

28 Hostess Coaching

29 Why Hostess Coach? Successful hostess coaching is one of the most important aspects of your business Comfortable, Excited Hostess = GREAT Attendance Consistent hostess coaching will lead to consistently great shows

30 When to Hostess Coach The minute you book the show
Build a relationship with your hostess Hostess Packet - Recruit Packet (or Imagine teaser) - Invitations (or discuss rep doing invitations) - 2 to 3 Catalogs & Hostess Only Brochure - Order forms or Order Collection sheet - Your Time to Shine brochure Pam remind them that you will your sheet if they give you their .

31 Hand the Packet to the Hostess at the Show in front of the Guest
This is FREE advertising for your business Don’t be shy

32 10-5-1 You will have a successful party! Who uses the 10-5-1?
Why is it important? The success of your next party is determined before you arrive. If you hostess has 5 outside orders And at least 10 buying guests at the party And one booking You will have a successful party!

33 Communication with your Hostess is Essential for a Successful Show!
Okay – WHEN?

34 WHEN TO CALL 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO SHOW/DAY AFTER EVENT: confirm the show date\time, help hostess with ‘who do you know’ list, remind hostess to send out invites two weeks before the show. 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE SHOW- MAKE SURE the hostess sends out the invites and remind them to invite at least 40 people or mail them yourself 1 WEEK PRIOR TO THE SHOW- “check –in” with the hostess and remind them about outside orders & I also tell them to start talking up their show and carry their catalog everywhere. 2 DAYS PRIOR TO THE SHOW- I make the reminder calls.

35 Reminder Calls to the Guests the day before the party
Reminds the guest about the party Allows them to give you an order before the show if they can’t go Possible future hostess prospect At least you can leave a message to remind them of the show. Yes’s, Maybe’s and the People that didn’t RSVP Reminder Calls are Courtesy Calls!

36 After the party Continue to have a relationship with your hostess after the party even if you just send an , do something! Consider your hostess your next best Rep Prospect! Invite her again to join your team Ask her for referrals — Ask for her help again getting bookings.

37 Partnership Checklist
Is your Hostess Coaching the best it can be? Check the things you do consistently: � I use the Open Dates sheet. � I call the D.A.T.E. within 24 hours. � I use the Your Time to Shine brochure as a coaching guide. � I help my Hostess brainstorm her Guest List. � I invite my Hostess to explore the possibility of joining my team. � I contact my Hostess at least 3 times before her party. � I make Reminder Calls and encourage guests to bring a friend. � I send a Thank You note. � I track the order online. � I call to make sure she is happy with the outcome of her show. � I invite her once again to join my team. MY PLAN TO IMPROVE MY HOSTESS COACHING: “You and your Hostess are partners in success. Every shortcut you take shortcuts your success.”

38 Hostess Coaching via Email
Ginny’s Tips! Hostess Coaching via cover letter to Hostess Not a long distance plan! Forty in 4 5160 Label Template Flyer for Buddies

39 40 Guests in 40 minutes Relatives and Friends
This list will help you think of as many people as possible, when it comes to invites to your Silpada Home Show. Relatives and Friends Co-Workers/Friends from former jobs Spouses Co-Workers Neighborhood Contacts thru Sports School Contacts Church Contacts Bunko and Book Club Friends Friends you haven’t seen lately Hostess of Shows you attended

40 5160 template Send your hostess the label template, then have them send them back. Send out your invites for your hostess. She will love you! Donna Mason 1570 London Dr. Columbus, OH 43220 Robin Hall 4141 Randmore Ct. Sharon Sullivan Brixton Rd. Columbus, OH 43221 Bridget Watson 1571 Langston Dr Darcy Fisher 2350 Lane Rd. Melissa Barnett 4305 Lyon Dr. Lisa Berens 2247 Sandover Rd. Paula Jacoby 1653 Oakhill Rd. Lani Davakis 2635 Clarion Ct. Karen Trotier 2650 Sandover Rd. Lynn Hardesty 4400 Sussex Dr. Renea McClain 4314 Randmore Rd.

41 Hostess Thank you letter!
Always write the thank you letter! You can send at hand written one as well as the one. Ask for referrals! Make your hostess your partner!

42 Customer Care

43 Reasons to make Customer Care calls:
Let’s them know you appreciate their business Make sure your customer is satisfied with her purchases Increase your credibility as a service-oriented professional Increase Customer confidence and loyalty Keeps you informed about changes and new needs in their lives

44 What Benefits will you Experience?
Jewelry orders Increased Bookings More Recruit Leads Relationships that will nourish your business for years to come

45 When Should you Call? D.A.T.E. Guests Who Attended
Anyone who placed outside orders After jewelry has been delivered To suggest pieces to go with the “Look” your customer has ordered With each new product release

46 What Should You Say? Identify yourself and refer to something that happened or was said at the show Make notes in order margins to refresh your memory about this customer’s needs Have a goal and get to the point Be yourself!

47 “People will forget what you said and what you did, but not how you made them feel.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

48 CHALLENGE: Schedule a D.A.T.E. time within 24 hours after every show!
Develop a system for tracking results! Go through past customer receipts and place service calls!

49 Learn & Practice Recruiting Basics

50 The Business Opportunity is your ‘Most Important Product’

51 Benefits of Recruiting
Fun Friendships Recognition Financial Reward Everyone deserves the opportunity to be a Silpada Rep!

52 Three Steps to Recruiting
Inform people about the business opportunity Invite them to find out more Interview people who are interested

53 Ways to Inform Be excited about what you do Tell you “Why Story”
Watch and listen for “Green Flags” Sprinkle message throughout the show Display “table talkers” Point out the YES box on the order form

54 How to Invite People Make the imagine brochure and business opportunity packet available at your parties Ask guest if they are interested in finding out more about what you do Ask them to ‘take a look’ at the information

55 Become a Skillful Interviewer QUAD & Getting Comfortable Handling Objections and Concerns

56 Handling Concerns, Hesitations and Objections with Q.U.A.D.
The Interview Process Handling Concerns, Hesitations and Objections with Q.U.A.D.

57 Enhance your business building skills
- Become a proficient listener. - Fine tune your listening skills to comprehend questions – after all, a “no” is really a need to “know.” Become a proficient interviewer. Respond with clear and concise information.

58 Help your prospect get enough information to enable her to make an informed decision.
Let her reach her own conclusion rather than telling her what you think she needs to know.

59 Questions Understanding Answers Decision
With the Q.U.A.D. approach you invert the interview process. You do less talking and more listening. You help your prospect discover her own needs and reach her own conclusion.

60 Getting Reps off to a FAST START

61 #1 Review First Steps to Stardom Immediately Why is she starting a Silpada Business?
Product? People? Purpose? Personal Growth? Profit potential? What is her “Why”?

62 What are her Goals? Income # Parties Fast Start Free Jewelry
How many shows would she like to do a month?

63 Help her Schedule Her First 30 Days
Party nights Office/phone hours Coaching calls Team meetings & Events

64 Who will She Call? 40-in-4 F.R.A.N.K. What will She Say?

65 #2 Become a Great Coach Model success Create urgency and commitment
Build your relationship based on her goals, not yours! Teach her to use time-effectiveness tools Set Expectations

66 Great Coach Continued…
Stay in Touch. Encourage shadowing and 3-way calling Watch her Fast Start dates Recognize her accomplishments Offer weekly challenges! Keep her motivated through the good and the bad!

67 #3 Maintain a Strong Personal Business
Book Parties Hostess Coach Follow Recruiting Basics Set Goals 80% Personal/20% Group

68 CHALLENGE: Now that you have a Rep, you need your sponsor more than ever. USE HER!

69 “Success is not an Event! It’s a Process – and Choices are the Tools!”


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