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Take Action! Your Business First Steps to Success!

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1 Take Action! Your Business First Steps to Success!

2 Welcome to the Longaberger Family!

3 7 Steps to Success 1.Develop your contact list 2.Let everyone know you’re in business 3.Book your first six parties 4.Hold your business launch event 5.Hold your first online party 6.Visit a Longaberger at home® showroom near you 7.Share Longaberger

4 7 Steps to Success

5 Step 1: Develop Your Contact List Think of every person you know - don’t leave anyone off the list Use the contact list to capture: –Name –Phone number –Email –Interests Pictured: Contact List Worksheet

6 Develop Your Contact List Family & friends Neighbors Co-workers Newlyweds or new moms Service providers Professional relationships Graduation & wedding invitee lists School contacts Children’s contacts Sports organizations Christmas card list Your email address list/Facebook friends

7 Step 2: Spread The Word You’ve Started Your Own Business! Create your business announcement: –Email –Facebook/Twitter Post –Postcard or Letter Mailing –Voicemail message –Text message –Phone call –Show e-vite

8 Email Guidelines for Home Consultants For more information: Visit, “My Account”

9 Step 3: Book Your First 6 Parties Any way you choose, you can’t lose with our three ways to earn. Remember to offer the face-to- face, online and showroom options to your host Use your contact list to call potential hosts to schedule dates on your calendar for shows Spotlight the Host Benefits and exclusives with Longaberger

10 Coach Your Host Get to know what the host wants to earn and help them maximize the Host Benefits! Always offer the option to add online orders to shows - it can DOUBLE the show size! Coach the host to use the Host Planner to send e-vites, reminders and thank you notes.

11 Home Show How-to’s Follow the Before, During, and After-Show Checklist Keep your product sharing to 15 – 20 minutes Include booking and recruiting while you share Longaberger

12 Step 4: Launch Your Business When will you hold your business launch? Where will you hold your business launch? Who will you invite?

13 Business Launch Checklist 1.Plan, in advance, with your sponsor 2.Use your Business Kit or borrow product from your sponsor or Leader 3.Have enough WishLists® and Flyers to share

14 Step 5: Hold an Online Show It's as simple as 4 steps: 1.Determine WHO you will contact to share the good news about holding your very first online party! Use your “My contacts” list to begin your invitation list below. 2.Identify how you will use the Host Benefits. With the Host Benefits, you can purchase products for your personal use, to augment your Business Kit or to give as door prizes at your next event or even host gifts. 3.Gather email addresses for your invitation list and create e-vites under “Party Central”. Visit, “Party Central” for more information.

15 Step 6: Visit Longaberger at home ® Open Houses Power Shopping Workshops Opportunity Nights Home Show Floor Time For more information, visit, “My Account”, “Just for Business”, “Longaberger at home®” or call Guest Relations at 740-322-5588or email

16 Step 7: Share Longaberger Share your excitement and experience with others Invite friends to join you Who? What's Happening? Where to look? What to say?.

17 Where to find more info…, “My Account” –“New Home Consultant Training” –“Party Central” –“My Contacts” –“Publications and Promotional Tools” Longaberger News Your Sponsor & Leader

18 Welcome to the Family ! It’s YOUR Business… Make it Work for YOU!

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