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150 E. Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, CA. 91773 909-599-0690

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1 150 E. Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, CA

2 Presentation Contents: Presentation Contents: HardwareHardware SR192A MotherboardSR192A Motherboard SR192A I/O ModulesSR192A I/O Modules SoftwareSoftware SR192A Project Development SoftwareSR192A Project Development Software

3 Talon Instruments SR192A VXI Digital Stimulus/Response VXI Digital Stimulus/Response Up to 192 bi-directional I/O channels C Size 2-Slot VXI Model C Size 2-Slot VXI Model VXI Plug&Play Compatible Modular Design Up to 12 I/O modules, 2 timing modules.

4 Talon Instruments SR192A J7 – Multi-unit operation Up to 6 SR192As per 13 slot chassis J1 to J6 – I/O channels J8 – Timing signals from TSA and TSB J9 – SR211 Data Probe Interface J10 – External power input for Programmable I/O modules

5 Talon Instruments SR192A Motherboard Houses up to 12 I/O modules Up to 2 timing modules (Synchronous or Asynchronous Operation) I/O and Timing Modules CPU and VXI Interface

6 Talon Instruments SR192A I/O Modules The SR192A can accommodate different type of I/O Modules: SR124A – 8 channel TTL/RS-485 differential, per-pin selectable, 256K memory, Algorithmic SR125A – 16 channel TTL, 256K memory, Algorithmic SR214A – 16 channel variable voltage ( vdc), Voltage groups selectable per 8 channels, 256K memory, Algorithmic SR126A – 8 channels LVDS, 256K memory, Algorithmic All I/O modules are comprised of a 5 memories (Output, Tristate, Expect, Mask and Record I/O Modules (12 slots)

7 Talon Instruments SR192A Timing Modules The SR192A Timing Modules provide the timing and clock source required for the I/O Modules Up to 100Mhz (10Hz – 100Mhz on-board clock generator) 5nS timing resolution 1nS – 20nS Delay Adjustment on Input Strobes/Output Enables 16 Timing Sets per Timing Module 6 Output enables/Input strobes per Timing Module 5 User defined outputs Up to 4K sequences Timing Modules

8 Talon Instruments SR192A Vector Bus The SR192A Vector Bus provides extremely fast response timing to/from the UUT 4 Bit Lookup Table 1 of 16 words 1 Data cycle UUT response Vector Bus

9 SR192A Project Development Editor Microsoft Windows Based Win95,98 or NT compatible Graphical Software Editor Hardware set-up Test program development Interactive test execution Test Language Compatibility Test files compatible with any Windows based test language, (C, C++, LabWindows, LabView, VEE, Visual Basic, etc.) SR192A software also includes VXI Plug&Play compatible Win95,98 & NT drivers.

10 SR192A Project Development Editor Select the SR192A (from 1 to 6) Data Tables (1 word table to 256K word table Timing Sets (up to 16 per timing module

11 SR192A Project Development Editor Select the type of I/O module installed I/O module type can be mixed and matched based on logic interface requirement

12 SR192A Project Development Editor Select single or multiple unit Internal or External Clock Source

13 SR192A Project Development Editor Select type of trigger input to Timing module. Test Input can be a dedicated Timing signal or I/O Channel(s) Select type of sequence jump trigger

14 SR192A Project Development Editor Define channel Group(s) Assign output enable/input strobe All output enables/input strobes are per 8 channels Multiple groups of 8 channels can be assigned to the same output enable/input strobe

15 SR192A Project Development Editor Define channel Type (BiDir, Input, Output) Red indicates stimulus data/Blue indicates response expect Tri-state define

16 SR192A Project Development Editor Define when/how output enables/input strobes are controlled TSES1 – TSES5 are used for enables/strobes TS_CLK = Timing clock up to 100MHz Example: data_bus_en is asserted for 5nS and disabled for 35nS

17 SR192A Project Development Editor Sequence Editor Up to 4K sequences can be defined. A sequence is comprised of a Timing set and Data Table Select Timing Set/Data Table and Transition type

18 150 E. Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, CA End of SR192A Presentation For more information, please contact Talon Instruments

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