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150 E. Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, CA. 91773 909-599-0690

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1 150 E. Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, CA. 91773 909-599-0690

2 Contents: HardwareHardware SINGLE VXI MODULE.SINGLE VXI MODULE. SoftwareSoftware BE-64 Timing Editor and Table EditorBE-64 Timing Editor and Table Editor

3 Talon Instruments BE-64 Single C Size Message Based VXI Module. SCPI Command Set 64 I/O Channels X 32 K BITS / Channel

4 BE-64 MAIN FEATURES 16 TIMING SETS Each defined by a 256 bit x 24 bit memory Timing sets are docked by a 50, 20 or 10 Mhz (20, 50 or 100 ns resolution) or external clock (50 MHz max.). 8 user defined output signals.

5 BE-64 MAIN FEATURES cont….. SEQUENCE DEFINITION P rogrammable idle sequence Program from 1 to 16 sequences, and each can loop from 1 to 64K (or continuous) times

6 BE-64 MAIN FEATURES cont….. 24 PROGRAMMABLE SET / SENSE SIGNALS MACRO COMMANDS include: – UUT RAM and ROM Test – Compare response tables to expect tables, and – Algorithmic fill and copy (data tables and timing sets)

7 BE-64 Block Diagram

8 BE-64 APPLICATIONS MICROPROCESSOR BUS EMULATION Simulate the bus structured interface of any microprocessor (32-bit address or data bus and 50MHz cycle) such as 80486, 80386, 80286, 8088, 8086, 68030, 68020, 68010, 68008, 68000, 6809, 6800 Other microprocessors or microcontrollers can be efficiently simulated using Talon's universal adapter pod.

9 BE-64 APPLICATIONS cont….. BUS STRUCTURED INTERFACE SIMULATION Simulate well over 1000 different digital interfaces such as VME bus, VXI bus, Multibus, AT bus, NuBus, SCSI bus, Microchannel, EISA bus, S bus

10 BE-64 APPLICATIONS cont….. WORD GENERATOR 64 I/O channels x 32K bits/channel, 25 Mhz data rates, Tri state output control 32 I/O channels x 64K bits/channel, 50 Mhz data rates. Up to 32K tables may be defined. Table length is programmed from 1 word to 32K words. Each table may be looped from 1 to 64K times

11 BE-64 APPLICATIONS cont….. SERIAL WORD GENERATOR Talon's optional parallel to serial word generator converter card enables 64 channels to be converted into serial data as defined below. Data rates of 50 Mhz (32 channels) or 100 Mhz (16 channels or less) can be achieved.

12 BE-64 APPLICATIONS cont….. NON BUS STRUCTURED INTERFACE SIMULATION The Model BE-64 word generator model allows the simulation of almost any user defined digital interface.

13 BE-64 APPLICATIONS cont….. STIMULUS/RESPONSE TESTING For test applications where test vectors are available, the Model BE-64 can be programmed to transmit or receive 64 channels by 32K bits per channel at frequencies to 25 Mhz.

14 BE-64 APPLICATIONS cont….. LOGIC RECORDER The BE-64 can be programmed to record up to 64 channels by 32K/channel. When used in conjunction with Talon's serial word generator card Up to 2 megabytes of serial data can be recorded.

15 TIMING EDITOR Easy to Program

16 TABLE EDITOR Importing Files of Data

17 SOFT FRONT PANEL Loading and Executing

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