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Marin Community College District CIP Briefing – Citizen’s Oversight Committee September 13, 2005.

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1 Marin Community College District CIP Briefing – Citizen’s Oversight Committee September 13, 2005

2 Kentfield Campus Tentative Project List Modernization of Learning Resource Center – 66,000 gsf Modernization of Harlan Center – 25,651 gsf Modernization of Fusselman Hall – 14,717 gsf Modernization of Science Center – 50,837 gsf Modernization of Fine Arts Center – 79,636 gsf Modernization of Student Center – 36,227 gsf Modernization of Diamond Physical Ed Center – 36,392 gsf Multi-purpose, Child Care & Support Facility – 75,000 gsf – New Construction Liberal Arts Complex or Science Building - 75,000 gsf – New Construction Facilities Maintenance Center 30,000 gsf – New Construction Gateway Entrance Plaza – New Construction

3 Indian Valley Campus Tentative Projects List Modernization of Pomo Center - 47,494 gsf Modernization of Administrative & Children’s Center - 19,588 gsf Capital Renewal & Expansion of Central Plant - 2,000 gsf Capital Renewal of Library – 14,280 gsf Capital Renewal of Miwok Cluster – 28,410 gsf Capital Renewal of Ohlone Cluster – 20,543 Pedestrian Bridges

4 Bolinas Marine Biology Center Modernization or New Construction – 3,333 gsf

5 District-Wide Tentative Projects List Telecommunications Infrastructure  Site  Parking & Roadways  Utilities (Sanitary, Storm, Electrical, Gas) Fire Alarm Replacement Access Controls ADA Accessibility Improvements Signage

6 District Design Team

7 District Architect Campus Master Planning Design & Drafting Guidelines Interior & Exterior Finish Standards Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Standards

8 District Landscape Architect Services Master Planning District Standards Design Guidelines

9 District Civil Engineering Update all Surveys (Topographic & Boundary) Locate, map, Identify, Inspect & Analyze all Utilities Identify all Easements & Encumbrances on District Property Create Accurate Electronic “As-Built” / Record Drawings that Record all Above Information Develop District Standards and Design Guidelines

10 District Geotechnical Engineering Collect and Synthesize all Existing Soils Testing and Analysis Information Recommend and/or Perform Additional Soils Testing & Analysis Perform Fault Analysis Provide Design parameters for Building and Infrastructure Design

11 Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering Chilled Water Systems Heating Hot Water Systems Co-Generation / Central Plant Systems Water Distribution Systems Building and Site Mechanical Systems Savings by Design Building and Site Control Systems

12 Electrical Engineering Substations Co-Generation Electrical Distribution Systems Lighting Savings by Design Control Systems MCC

13 California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Provides review, analysis & studies to assess the District’s development plan and its impact on the environment in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act. Prepares & Produces Required Documentation  Negative Declaration  Mitigated Negative Declaration  Environmental Impact Report(s)

14 Next Steps Educational Master Plan – Road map to future District Consultants  Design Guidelines  Building Standards  FF & E Standards District Assessments and Surveys Program Definition  Scope / Schedule / Budget

15 Next Steps Board of Trustee Retreats  September 20 th – Facilities Master Planning  October 11 th – Program Controls Green Summit on Sustainability – Facilities  September 30, 2005 – 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.  (Initial Sustainability Summit Held September 9 th )

16 Next Steps Projects in Design  Kentfield Roof Repairs – Harlan Center and LRC Partial Roof Replacement – Physical Education Building Tree Trimming and Removal Demolition of Larkspur Annex  IVC Wildfire Mitigation Partial Gas Main Replacement Tree Trimming and Removal Stream Erosion Mitigation

17 Other Issues Kentfield  Title 9 Compliance (PE Complex) IVC  Bridge Load Testing Bolinas  Fault Study

18 Questions & Answers Dave Kirn Program Manager (415) 884-3192 José D. Nuñez Director of Modernization (650) 358-6936

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