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Marin Community College District CIP Update – College of Marin Foundation May 31, 2005.

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1 Marin Community College District CIP Update – College of Marin Foundation May 31, 2005

2 Organization Board of Trustees Modernization Committee Presidents Cabinet District Consultants Maintenance & Operations Swinerton M & C Program & Construction Manger Indian Valley Campus & Bolinas Campus Construction Manager Swinerton M & C Kentfield Campus Construction Manager Swinerton M & C College of Marin - CIP

3 Demographics Kentfield Campus (KTD) - Kentfield – Built – Original Buildings Date Back to 1926 – Acreage – 87 Acres / 373,806 sf / 18 Buildings – Parking – 1,774 Indian Valley Campus (IVC) – Novato – Build – 1975 – Acreage – 333 Acres / 171,549 sf / 22 Buildings – Parking Bolinas Marine Biology Center – Built – 1964 – Acreage -.5 Acres / 4,178 sf / 2 Buildings District-wide – 6,943 Students – 5,334 Student FTES – 287 Faculty and Staff

4 Kentfield Campus (KTD)

5 Kentfield Campus (KTD) Modernization

6 Kentfield Campus Tentative Project List Modernization of Learning Resource Center – 66,000 gsf Modernization of Harlan Center – 25,651 gsf Modernization of Fusselman Hall – 14,717 gsf Modernization of Science Center – 50,837 gsf Modernization of Fine Arts Center – 79,636 gsf Modernization of Student Center – 36,227 gsf Modernization of Diamond Physical Ed Center – 36,392 gsf Gateway / Multi-purpose, Child Care & Support Facility – 75,000 gsf – New Construction Liberal Arts Complex or Science Building - 75,000 gsf – New Construction Facilities Maintenance Center 30,000 gsf – New Construction Gateway Entrance Plaza – New Construction

7 Indian Valley Campus (IVC)

8 Indian Valley Campus Tentative Projects List Modernization of Pomo Center - 47,494 gsf Modernization of Administrative & Childrens Center - 19,588 gsf Capital Renewal & Expansion of Central Plant - 2,000 gsf Capital Renewal of Library – 14,280 gsf Capital Renewal of Miwok Cluster – 28,410 gsf Capital Renewal of Ohlone Cluster – 20,543 Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridges Repair/Replace HVAC Systems Replace Sections of Natural Gas Pipeline Repair/Replace Roofing Fire Mitigation

9 Bolinas Marine Biology Center Tentative Projects List Modernization or New Construction Stabilize Slopes Improve Accessibility Repair Boat Dock

10 Site Development Projects New Entrance Plaza at College Ave. and Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Enhanced Perimeter Landscaping New Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge across Corte Madera Creek Improved Accessibility on both Campuses New Campus locator (wayfinding) system on both Campuses

11 District-Wide Tentative Projects List Telecommunications Infrastructure – Site – Parking & Roadways – Utilities (Sanitary, Storm, Electrical, Gas) Fire Alarm System Replacement Access Controls ADA Accessibility Improvements Signage (Wayfinding)

12 District-wide Management and Consulting District-wide Master Planning with District-wide Design Consultant Program Definition Establish District Standards and Design Criteria Overall Campus Wide Construction Projects Coordination with District and College Staff Conducts Design & Code Reviews Implements Campus Design Plan with Design Consultants Manages Multiple Projects Ensures Quality Control Overall Campus Logistics & Job Site Safety Overall Construction Inspections & Testing Project Controls Roles & Responsibilities of Program Manager/Construction Manager (PM/CM)

13 Design Consultant Categories A/E Consultant Acoustics and Acoustics/Audiovisual Arborist Architect Architect & Planners Architects & Engineers California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Energy Consultants Energy, Utility & Telecom Infrastructure FF & E Consultants Fire Protection – Alarms Fire Protection – Sprinklers Geotechnical Industrial Hygienist Inspector of Record IT Data & Telecom Laboratory Planner Landscape Landscape and Planning Legal MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers) Planner Security / Access Control Sports Structural Engineer Testing and Inspection Theatre Consultants

14 Consultant Services The Process & The Timeline Advertisement & Marketing Prebid Briefing (Mandatory) Issue Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposal (RFQ/RFP) RFQ Due Paper Screen Statements & Development of Short List Selection Committee Interviews Short-Listed Firms BOT Approves Contract Contract Award Contract Negotiation Notice to Proceed Commencement of Services

15 Consultant Recommendations Board of Trustees Meeting, June 7, 2005 – District Architect – District Landscape Architect – District Civil Engineer – District Structural Engineer – District Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Engineer – District Geotechnical Engineer – District Industrial Hygienist (HazMat) – District California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Consultant

16 Detailed Selection Process Schedule

17 Questions & Answers Dave Kirn Program Manager (415) José Nuñez Director of Modernization (415)

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