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UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Capital Projects Update Admin Services Open Forum October 11, 2011.

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1 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Capital Projects Update Admin Services Open Forum October 11, 2011

2 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Ben Atkinson Building Heating Plant Upgrades TPC: $37.8M (FY12: $19.3M) The plant is over 45 years old and many components have completely exceeded their useful life. This project will address partial revitalization of the highest priority deficiencies including the steam, electrical, and water systems.

3 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Upper Dorms Emergency Egress Code Corrections TPC: $1.8M (FY12: $1.8M ) Installation of new exit doors and reconfiguration of the exterior stairs from the MBS complex.

4 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Fine Arts Salisbury Theater Renovation TPC: $2.8M (FY12: $750,000) Revitalize and upgrade lighting, seating, sound systems and the stage. FY12 funding will be for a programming study and facilities review.

5 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Fine Arts Complex Vapor Barrier Design & Installation TPC: $5.0M (FY12: $600,000) Correct damaged vapor barrier in Music wing. Using a phased approach to investigate design and construction for mitigation of icing and moisture problems in the Music Department areas.

6 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Northwest Campus Energy Conservation Work TPC: $100,000 (FY12: $100,000) Energy conservation tasks to include, but not be limited to, lighting.

7 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Utilities Critical Electrical Distribution Renewal Phase 1C TPC: $30.0M (FY12: $13.8M) Install all the major electrical equipment in the building constructed in Phase 1B, including switchgear, transformers, switches, and cable for two electrical feeders to be energized.

8 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Utilities Waste Line Repairs and Replacement 3 TPC: $6.1M (FY12: $2.0M) Repair or replace failing main sanitary waste lines on UAF Campus. Prepare a master plan of existing and future storm and sanitary waste line repairs.

9 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Patty Ice Arena Roof Replacement TPC: $6.3M (FY12: $3.5M) Replace failing roofs to include the Patty Ice Center on the UAF campus.

10 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS West Ridge Deferred Maintenance TPC: $134.9M (FY12: $3.6M) Revitalization of the West Ridge to include Life Sciences Research and Teaching Facility backfill.

11 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Campus Wide ADA Guidelines Compliance TPC: $10.5M (FY12: $1.1M) Upgrade non-compliant facilities, sidewalks, parking lots, elevators, ramps, and restrooms to current ADA guidelines.

12 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Tanana Loop and Alumni Drive Roundabout TPC: $8.8M (FY12: $900,000) Begin planning process for design and construction of an improved intersection at Alumni Drive and Tanana Loop.

13 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Kuskokwim Campus Critical Deferred and Voc-Tech Renewal TPC: $14.9M (FY12: $4.8M) Urgent needs at this remote campus include repairing railings, boardwalks, upgrading electrical systems, boiler replacements, and upgrading ventilation systems. FY12 funding will go towards critical code upgrades.

14 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS UAF Combined Heat and Power Plant Replacement Permitting Prepare environmental permits for filing with the appropriate agencies to replace the existing UAF heating and power plant. TPC: $3.0M (FY12: $3.0M) Utilities VoIP Power Installation Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. TPC: $3.5M (FY12: $3.5M) Campus Wide Housing Sprinkler Installation This project includes installation of a wet pipe fire sprinkler system within Hess Village Apartments and Stuart Hall. TPC: $1.2M (FY12: $1.2M)

15 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS Community and Technical College (CTC) Roof Project Investigate failing roof system at 604 Barnette Street and scope out the need to repair and/or replace the roof as necessary. TPC: $850,000 (FY12: $850.000) Palmer Center for Sustainable Living Deferred Maintenance Complete high priority deferred maintenance and facility survey of the Palmer Center for Sustainable Living. TPC: $800,000 (FY12: $800,000) Community and Technical College (CTC) Garage Evaluation Do an evaluation to address top level sealing to prevent water infiltration, remove unnecessary exterior panels and recommend security improvements, paint and lighting. TPC: $0.0M (FY12: $2.0M)

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