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~Barrett’s Backpackers~ United We Learn 2012-2013.

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1 ~Barrett’s Backpackers~ United We Learn 2012-2013

2 Top 10 Things a New Third Grader Might Want to Know…

3 Who is my teacher? Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bowling Green State University. Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education Certified in grades P-5 15 years teaching in Cobb County Schools, teaching K- 5th grade. Eastvalley Eagle for 7 years! Ohio native…..but a Georgia resident for 15 years! Married 9 years to my husband, Steve. Two children: Taylor-almost 4 yrs. old, Collin-almost 5 mo. old

4 How should I act in 3 rd grade? P -prepared R -respectful O -on task! Be a PRO student B-Bucks will be earned “Buy” cool items at class store

5 Is 3 rd grade hard? EVRC/Accelerated Reader Program Reader’s Workshop Writing Workshop Science & Social Studies Research Projects CRCT, CoGAT Common Core Standards Based Curriculum

6 7:15-8:-00- Morning Routine (Morning Work, Announcements, Travel with Passports, etc.) 8:00-10:00- Language Arts Block: Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Writing Workshop, Spelling, Grammar (snack during this time) 10:00-10:25- Restroom/Recess 10:25-10:47 Math Rap/Problem of the Day/Book Study 10:47-11:17- Lunch 11:30-12:30- Math 12:30-1:10 Science/Social Studies/Health 1:20-2:05 Specials: (Day A-PE, Day B- Computer, Day C- Music, Day D- PE, Day E- Art) 2:05-2:15 Pack Up, Dismissal What will we do all day?

7 Other Classroom Procedures ~Behavior system ~ Green— Great day!!! Great choices!! Mrs. B is happy!! ~Yellow— 5 minutes time out at recess, or 2 laps walking, 3 laps running ~Red— Loss of recess, or 4 laps walking, 5 laps running ~All colors lost— Loss of recess, an/or ~Daily Reading Logs (in class only) ~Communication/Homework Folders/Agendas (daily) ~Tuesday Folders (every two weeks) ~Weekly Assessments

8 Weekly Homework: Reading-daily Math-daily Spelling- weekly Science, SS, Health-occasionally (more details to come) What homework will we have?

9 Do I really have to go to school? Attendance (notes) Instruction time is important. Please plan family vacations with the school calendar in mind. School begins at 7:20 A.M. Children who arrive after 7:50 A.M. must stop by the office to sign in with a parent. Please see EV handbook for more info on excused/unexcused absences. Breakfast and Lunch Breakfast is $1.25 and is served from 7:20-7:45 a.m. Lunch is $2.15 for students and $3.25 for adults. Extra milk is.60. Place all money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, my name and what the money is for.

10 What field trips will we take? Performing Arts Possibly……..Atlanta History Museum Fernbank, IMAX Theater The Capitol High Touch, High Tech ~All field trips are tentative until further notice.

11 How can my parents/family help? Flight attendants needed!  Room Rep  Media Moms/Dads  Parent Reader  Art Print  Special Projects-at home or at school (as needed)  B-Bucks donations

12 How will my parents know what happens in my class? OPEN DOOR OF COMMUNICATION!!! ~Green folders-daily ~Agendas-daily ~Blog ~Email ~Phone 770-312-4583 ~School voicemail

13 How can I make this the best year ever? Teacher  To build good character and create life-long learners  To provide a safe, risk-free environment  To teach students the tools for clear communication and skills for life Student  To be caring and responsible individuals  To work toward all academic goals  To demonstrate problem solving, and communication skills throughout the year  To strive for their best and pass the CRCT Reading and Math Test

14 Reminders… New Common Core Curriculum—learning year Report Cards. 3+, 3, 2, 1 One healthy snack– nut free class. Birthdays~ ~Birthdays will not be celebrated during instructional time. ~Please feel free to join your child for lunch and distribute cookies or cupcakes. ~Invitations may be passed out at school only if ALL children from the class are invited. ~Teachers are not permitted to give out addresses or phone numbers. Dismissal changes should be in a separate, written form. Volunteers are very much welcomed!!

15 Thank you for joining our crew! Enjoy the flight! It’s going to be a great journey!!

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