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Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night Young Elementary 2013-2014.

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1 Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night Young Elementary 2013-2014

2 5 th Grade Teaching Team Mrs. Peña, Ms. Castorena, and Mrs. Rainey

3 Tonight Parents Will…  Understand their role in the parent community  Know ways they can be involved in their child’s classroom and school.  Understand the role of a student at Young Elementary.  Understand the rituals and routines that make Young a successful learning community.

4 How we will communicate Take-home Folder Weekly newsletter in folder and online Phone calls Skyward emails Teacher Webpages

5 Teacher Webpages Let’s take a look!!

6 Mass Text Text: 469-518-6029 Code: @young5thg

7 Workshop Model Reading, Writing, and Math all follow the workshop model. Workshop model consists of an opening, work period and a closing.

8 Reading & Writing Reader’s & Writer’s Notebooks/Folders Word Book Anchor Charts Reading Level Folders Understand & Analyze Literature across Genres Learn How to Analyze Literary Texts Analyze Informational Texts

9 Write literary texts(stories/poems) to express their ideas & feelings about real or imagined people, events, & ideas Write expository and procedural texts to communicate ideas and information Use the writing process (planning, drafting, revising, editing, & publishing)

10 Math Numbers, Operations and Quantitative Reasoning Patternsand Algebraic Reasoning Geometry and Spatial Reasoning Measurement Probability and Statistics Math Journals Math Facts, place value, basic operations

11 Science Journal writing Inquiry Process Safety and Matter, Energy and Force/Motion; Earth and Space; and Organisms and Environments 5 E’s – Explore, engage, explanation, elaborate, evaluate

12 Social Studies American History Reviews for 6-weeks test online Taught by your child’s 2 nd period teacher.

13 Homework Reading every night. Optional homework in Science, Math and ELA. This will help students develop study skills and prepare them for exams.

14 Destination Imagination Creative problem solving program. DI teams are coached by parents. We are looking to expand our teams. We need parent volunteers.

15 Discipline Three Rules: 1.Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. 2.Nice words, nice tone. 3.Follow directions. Green: GREAT! Yellow: re-think your decision and choices! Orange: teacher choice of discipline action Red: Call parent 

16 Lunch 12:15 Visitors are now welcome for lunch with your child. Please sit at the guest table with your child. Please work on your child eating within a 30 minute time frame and cleaning up after themselves. Snacks –If you would like to donate snacks to your child’s homeroom they would be welcomed. You can bring individual snacks. Please keep them healthy (no chips or cookies) and easy to consume with no mess. They may keep water bottles with them.

17 Birthdays Store bought cupcakes or treats at 2:15. Please no cookie cakes. No peanut products If invitations are to be passed out through the school we can only pass out to the whole class.

18 Supplies Students will be keeping their extra supplies in a baggie. When they run out you will need to replenish their supplies. Headphones can be used for technology. Bring or wear tennis shoes every day for recess and PE.

19 Questions ??????

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