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Table of Contents Daily Schedule Snack Birthdays Lunch Class Management Absences/Tardies Report Cards Need to Conference? Homework Math Word Work Writing.

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2 Table of Contents Daily Schedule Snack Birthdays Lunch Class Management Absences/Tardies Report Cards Need to Conference? Homework Math Word Work Writing Workshop Reading Workshop Social Studies Science Health Book Orders Field Trips Other Special Events Volunteers! Pictures!

3 Daily Schedule Morning - unpack, morning work, class meeting Math Writing Workshop Reading Workshop Specials (10:55 - 11:45) Word Work Lunch (12:24 - 12:54) Science/Health/Social Studies Recess Pack-up/Read aloud/Dismissal Back

4 Snacks Please send a snack each day as we are here about 4 1/2 hours before we eat lunch. The snack should be: Nutritious Non-messy, easy to eat while working Peanut-free Please also send water bottles to school with your children. Drinks other than water may only be consumed in the lunchroom. Back

5 Birthdays! We love to celebrate birthdays! If you want to send in a special treat, please make sure it is PRE-CUT or in individual serving sized pieces and enough for the entire class. Birthday treats will be served by the student during recess. Birthday party invitations should be distributed outside of school unless the entire class is being invited. Back

6 Lunch Come enjoy lunch with your child! It is a very special treat for them! First, sign in at the front office and get a visitor’s pass. Then, meet us inside the cafe for lunch. There is a special reserved table just for visitors so you can enjoy a special time with your child. Please do not invite other students to eat at that table as capacity is limited. At the end of lunch, please say good-bye as the children are dismissed from the tables. Please know that you can limit extras your student is allowed to buy by writing a note to the cafeteria manager. Also, you can review your child’s purchases at lunch by looking on the meal pay website. Back

7 Class Management Class Rules Positive Discipline Logical Consequences Rewards Back

8 Absences Absences are sometimes unavoidable and we will work with your student to make up missed work. If your child is absent for 2 days or more, you may call the office the next morning, and we will get homework ready for you to pick up in the office after 2:30. Next

9 Tardies It is very beneficial for your child to arrive early. We open our doors at 7:20 and many of the buses arrive shortly thereafter. Students are able to get unpacked and organized for the day, which is very important at this age. When students have plenty of time to meet with the teacher, take care of business, and begin their morning work, they begin their day in an orderly, calm manner that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Back

10 Report Cards Standard based - Student progress will be reported with 3-2-1 measures: 3 (consistently meeting standards), 2 (progressing toward meeting the standard), 1(minimum progress toward meeting standard), 3+ (makes applications and inferences beyond expectations in a self-directed fashion) It is the expectation students will be progressing towards the standard. Back

11 Need to Conference? We believe the success of each child depends on a team effort between the child, parents and teachers. The only way a team can work well together is if they communicate well together. The best way to communicate with us is through e-mail. Parent conferences will be held in October this year. If you feel the need to conference before that time, please let us know. Back

12 Homework Folders – Please check them daily. Weekly homework packet is due on Fridays Expectations - Reading, Facts practice daily. We usually give math homework. If your student is struggling with the math, please do not let them spend more than 20 minutes trying to figure it out. Just write us a note that they attempted and worked for 20 minutes. Then we can help them at school. The purpose of homework is to provide students with practice time for concepts learned during the school day.. Back

13 Math Mini-lesson Number Talks Daily 5 Math Centers Small Group Work Problem solving, critical thinking Communicating our thinking Flexibility with numbers Enrichment Back

14 Word Work Emphasis on learned spelling patterns Words Their Way Fundations Word Sorts Games Sight Words, Homophones, etc. Weekly Assessments Back

15 Writing Workshop Columbia Workshop Model Using writer’s craft Conferencing Writing Partnerships Sharing Increased independence Back

16 Reading Workshop Workshop Model Mini-lesson Guided Reading Strategy Groups Conferencing Independent Reading DRA assessments Deeper thinking, understanding about our reading Back

17 Social Studies Regions of Georgia Georgia Creek and Cherokee Cultures Allocating Goods and Services Famous People from Georgia Concepts of Government Back

18 Science Matter Light, Heat, Motion, Energy Stars Life Cycles Back

19 Health Little D and the Five Food Groups Drugs/Alcohol Safety Back

20 Book Orders Book orders are a wonderful way to motivate your child to read as well as contribute to the class. They are not required. IMPORTANT: Books must be ordered online and paid for with a credit card. Cash or checks for book orders are no longer accepted. The book order link can be accessed through the class webpage. Back

21 Field Trips Some of the field trips we are tentatively planning include: Performing Arts – December High Touch/High Tech (In-house) Fire Safety Village - December Martin Luther King Center - January Atlanta History Center Back

22 Other Special Events 2 nd Grade Music Program-April 7th at 6:00 p.m. Holiday Celebrations Fall Centers Poetry Cafe in May Back

23 Volunteer Opportunities Mystery Reader Science Lab Copy Helper Classroom celebrations Field Trips Teacher Collaboration Substitutes Adventures in Art School-wide events Access Shutterfly to sign up! Back

24 Class Website Class Updates Class Schedule Homework listings Calendar PE dates Links to fun web-sites Wish List Back

25 Working Already!



28 Ready to Learn!

29 Class Meeting

30 Meeting New Friends

31 Wiggle Break!


33 Thank you for your support! Back

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