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10/21/2014 Welcome! 2014/15 School Year York County School of Technology Mrs. Chapman Cosmetology.

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1 10/21/2014 Welcome! 2014/15 School Year York County School of Technology Mrs. Chapman Cosmetology

2 10/21/2014 Topics to Be Covered Who’s Who Mission Statement/Goals Course Outline/Academics Daily Schedule Uniform Policy/Kit Policy Textbook and Notebook Classroom Policies/Discipline Grading Highlights Employment Post-Secondary Opportunities

3 10/21/2014 Who’s Who Other Cosmetology Teachers: Ms. Havlichek Mrs. Plunkett Guidance Counselor Ms. Patton Academy Principal Ms. Brooks

4 10/21/2014 Mission Statement The York County School of Technology is dedicated to providing a program of high quality, cutting-edge technical training integrated with a strong academic education and an emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, decision- making, and team-building skills.

5 10/21/2014 Goals The Cosmetology course is designed to prepare students for the employment in a salon or /day spa and to take and pass the State Board of Cosmetology written and practical exam.

6 10/21/2014 Course Outline The Cosmetology Level I course covers: Nail care-manicuring Skin care-facials, hair removal, and makeup application

7 Course Outline (con’t) 10/21/2014 Hair care-Shampooing and Conditioning, Styling, Cutting, Chemical Texturizing, and Hair Color It is designed to prepare students for the clinic floor and for the State Board of Cosmetology written and practical exam.

8 Academics 10/21/2014 Students attend academics when they are not in the technical program. Academics are an important part of and complement the technical program. Upon graduation from YCST students can graduate with a diploma and a cosmetology license. Many York Tech graduates go on to successfully complete post secondary education. Students are expected to wear their uniforms in all academic classes.

9 10/21/2014 Example of Daily Schedule A DAY Homeroom 1 st – Cosmetology Level 1 Lunch Three Blocks Academics B DAY Homeroom 1 st -2 nd – Cosmetology Level 1 Lunch Two Blocks of Academics *Duties

10 10/21/2014 Uniform Policy Cosmetology state laws requires students to wear a clean, washable uniform and while in shop to have in their possession at all times a clean and complete cosmetology kit. Cosmetology students are required to wear a uniform consisting of Arts and Human Services academy shirt, black jeans or black scrubs and black sneakers or crocs.

11 10/21/2014 Kit Policy Level One Cosmetology kits must be kept locked. Kits and their contents are your responsibility. Full and complete kits must be brought to class. All equipment must be marked; equipment should not be loaned out. You must use your own tools.

12 10/21/2014 Cosmetology Level One Kit-$175 Student Kit BagRound Brush Manicure Case LockComb with Lift Nail Brush Blow DryerMolding Comb (3) Cuticle Pusher Curling IronTail Comb (2) Cuticle Nipper Flat Iron Double Prong Clips Nail Polish Kit Shears Permanent Wave Rods Cuticle Scissors Thinning ShearsEnd Papers Tweezers Razor Butterfly Clips Pedi-pak Safety Glasses Roller Flat Pack Pedicure Set Shampoo Cape Gloves Nail Art Brush Combout/Makeup CapeHair Color Kit Makeup Brushes Color Apron Tint Bottle Vertical Nylon Bristle Brush Frosting Cap & Hook Mannequin Vent Brush Clamp

13 Cosmetology Level Two Kit-$55.00 10/21/2014 Coarse File Three Way Buffer Buffer Block Tip Slicer Triple Dappen Dish Plastic Dappen Dish Acrylic Brush Nail Glue Practice Hand Mannequin and Clamp Frosting Cap & Hook Grey Perm Rods 3 dozen White Perm Rods 3 dozen

14 Cosmetology Level Three & Four Cosmetology Level Three Kit-$85.00 Hot Tools-Marcel Iron Hot Tools-Flat Iron Male Mannequin Synthetic Hair Nail Glue Cosmetology Level Four Kit – $30.00 Female Mannequin Nail Glue

15 Textbook and Notebook… 10/21/2014 … are provided for all students during the time they are enrolled in cosmetology however, students may also want to purchase a Milady Textbook of Cosmetology to keep.

16 10/21/2014 Classroom Policies Follow directions Follow student handbook Come prepared for class Be on time Be in seat for attendance and bell Complete assigned work Respect each other Demonstrate a positive attitude

17 10/21/2014 Discipline The following disciplinary action will be taken for non- compliance: Warning Detention Call to parent Office * Dependent upon severity of the Offense

18 10/21/2014 Grading Level One Each quarter grades will be determined by using the following. 50% of the student's grade will be determined by averaging practical scores. These scores consist of activities and skills demonstrated in class.

19 10/21/2014 Grading Level One 30% of the grade will be determined by averaging the written test scores and notebook grades. Students will be required to turn in a notebook at the end of the marking period to be evaluated.

20 10/21/2014 Grading Level One 20% of the grade will be determined by professionalism. Professionalism consists of wearing the required uniform daily, bringing the cosmetology kit and other necessary tools to class, participating in class and classroom social skills.

21 Employment 10/21/2014 Stylists and Salon Managers Retail Sales Associates

22 Salon Owners 10/21/2014 The Bobby Pin Snips and Tips Hair We Are

23 Post-Secondary 10/21/2014 Certifications: Dermalogica Hair Color Hair Cutting Business Management Salon Owner Buyer for a store Manager of a beauty supply store Chemistry (research & develop professional products) Communications (beauty editor) Cosmetology Teacher

24 Cosmetology Moodle 10/21/2014 Mrs. Chapman Level One Moodle

25 10/21/2014 Please visit Mrs. Chapman’s Cosmetology web page: Click on – “Departments & Staff” Click on – “Cosmetology” Click on – “Mrs. Chapman”

26 10/21/2014 Questions & Answers

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