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Physical Science Mr. Glenn Black Hills High School 2013-2014.

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1 Physical Science Mr. Glenn Black Hills High School 2013-2014

2 Why learn physical science? Chemistry and physics affect our lives in lots of ways. Physical science processes underlie all other sciences There are lots of jobs where physics and chemistry are important to know.

3 Our approach to learning General concepts though specific examples. Science process skills. Inquiry based, hands-on work. Attention to the state science required content and skills. Integration of computers. Historical, societal perspectives.

4 Topics of Study – 1 st Semester Scientific Process Properties and Changes in Matter Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table Chemical Bonding and Reactions Solutions, Acids, and Bases

5 Topics of Study – 2 nd Semester Motion and Forces Work, Power, and Machines Energy Mechanical Waves and Sound Light

6 Stuff You Need! Lab Journal – Correct size Section in 3-ring binder Pen and pencil USB Flash Drive Ruler with cm Colored pencils

7 Assessment of Your Learning Do you understand the basic concepts? Can you engage in the scientific process? Are you responsible for your learning? 60% - Assessment; Tests, Major Labs 30% - Lab activities and reports 10% - Daily work, learning assignments

8 Meeting Standard / Mastery Meeting standard on learning targets is defined as 75%. Tests are organized by standard. Retakes will be given by standard. Must have review assignment and all unit work complete to retake. Retakes must be completed within two weeks of the end of the unit.

9 Attendance and Late Work Policies You are responsible for your learning!!! Tardiness is disruptive and unnecessary! Attend class and do all the work. Late work is a hassle for all involved! No extra credit! School policies followed, detention will be assigned, e.g. cell phones! Due at the beginning of class. 10% off if turned in the same day or next day. 20% off two days late. 2 days to midterm cut- off will be 50% off. Unless you file for an extension. Written and ahead of the due date!

10 Science Behavior Guidelines I will participate fully in all learning activities including labs, class discussions, field projects, and individual assignments. I will abide by the safety guidelines established for this classroom. I will take responsibility for my own learning including asking for help when I need it. I will treat myself, my colleagues, and my teacher with caring and respect. I will do my best to make this classroom an enjoyable and comfortable place for myself and others to learn. Of course, all BHHS school policies apply in this classroom.

11 Getting Extra Help We can get busy during class. Only you really know if you understand. Use PACK time! Glenn usually here before school. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re not smart!

12 Science is fun and interesting! Look at the beauty in the details. Understand the big picture. Find the relevance to you. You might be surprised where your life takes you.

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