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Nothing will stop us from becoming EXEMPLARY!!!!.

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1 Nothing will stop us from becoming EXEMPLARY!!!!

2 Mrs. S. Luera(Science Lab)---Rm. 73 Mr. J. Martinez---Rm 69 Ms. I Gonzalez---Rm 71 Ms. C. Rodriguez---67 Mrs. E. Flores(Read 180)---Rm 70

3 School Phone Number----354-2770 Home Phone Number-----787-5909 Dad-91yrs 4-Brothers Loves Children Teacher for 21 years at Ford Elem I love to read aloud to my students I love teaching and having fun

4 8:15--8:30Breakfast 8:3010:15-Science 10:15-11:45Math 11:45-12:20--Lunch 12:20-1:45Lang Arts – Reading/Grammar/Spelling 1:45-2:30PE/Counselor/Music/Conference 2:30-3:00---Computers/Library 3:00-3:15Read Aloud 3:15- 4:00/Social Studies/STAAR Block 4:00-4:10Homework and Announcements

5 Tardy at 8:30 Attendance is extremely important because students will miss out on the daily lessons. Bring doctors excuse if absent Try to make all appointments in the afternoon after 1:45

6 Only go to the nurse if you absolutely need to go Sign the form to go to the nurse

7 School visitors must get a visitors pass before they come to the classroom School visitors must not use the students bathrooms, if needed they can use the office bathroom.

8 Teacher talks to student Teacher phones parent Teacher sends a note home Teacher-parent conference Referral to counselor After school detention Discipline Referral Form to office Parent-Teacher-Student-Principal conference In-school observation by parent Suspension for 1 day Referral to Learning Reinforcement Center

9 Calendar for homework must be signed daily by parent Write in all homework on calendar Bring in completed homework to class Missing homework will be written in my journal and you will have to give me a reason why you did not bring it in.

10 Textbooks assigned to you will be your responsibility. All textbooks stay in class unless I assign it for homework All your supplies are your responsibility. Please be prepared with your pencils, paper, journals, books, etc.

11 No food or snacks allowed in class unless I give it to you No MP3s, Cell phones, or video games allowed. Classroom is usually cold for some students, so you may bring in a light jacket to wear in class. You may leave the jacket in class everyday.

12 Every student needs to wear their uniform daily. Uniforms shirts must be tucked in if they are too long. Mon, Tues, & Thurs---Blue shirts WedRed shirt to show our stand against drugs and bullying FridayUniversity Spirit Shirt

13 State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness ReadingStudents will need to read 4-5 passages and answer questions. MathStudents will get 52 questions on all topics covered throughout the year. ScienceStudents will answer 50 questions on topics covered in 3 rd -5 th grade STAAR Test will be timed. (4Hours) STAAR (Math-March 27, Reading March 28, Science-April 26 ) Last years rating at Ford Elem.Recognized 5th grade TAKS Results: Reading-80% Math90.9 % Science 84 % BenchmarksResults will be sent home for parent signature

14 1 st 6 wks20 pts. 2 nd 6 wk20pts 3 rd 6 wks.20 pts. 4 th 6 wks20 pts. 5 th 6 wks20 pts. 6 th 6 wks20 pts. In order to qualify for any AR incentive you must have a 5.0 reading level and a 70% passing average.

15 Criteria Attendance Discipline (classroom, PE, music, playground, bus etc. ) Grades Benchmarks STAAR AR points Money: $70 per student were needed last year for the trip. This money included entrance fees to the museum, lunch and dinner, and of course the BUS. 5 th grade teachers and principal will decide who is going on this trip.

16 Grades will be sent home in Progress Reports and Report Cards.

17 All my students will pass all 3 STAAR test All the 5 th grade students will pass all 3 STAAR TESTS All Ford Elem students in 3 rd, 4 th, & 5 th grade students will pass all STAAR. Ford Elementary will be EXEMPLARY !!!! All the students & teachers in 5 th grade will have a great year working together.



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