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State of Nature, Social Contract, Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact

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1 State of Nature, Social Contract, Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact
Study Guide State of Nature, Social Contract, Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact

2 1. Natural Rights Life Liberty Property

3 2. Define State of Nature No Government
No protection of natural rights

4 3. Life Difficult in a State of Nature
No protection for those who are weaker In a constant state of survival

5 4. Define Social Contract
Agreement to give up some liberties to a government in exchange for protection of natural rights

6 5. Popular Sovereignty Popular Sovereignty - the people have the power ; The Right of Gov’t to exist comes from the people

7 6. Baron De Montesquieu Separation of Powers – separate government into 3 branches to keep the gov’t from becoming abusive

8 7. Legislature Law making body of gov’t In Great Britain - Parliament

9 8. Separation of Powers Limits the power/ability of gov’t

10 9. Important to Limit Gov’t
So that it cannot become abusive

11 10. Thomas Hobbes Social Contract
People allow rulers that will protect their rights

12 11.Baron de Montesquieu Separation of Powers 3 branches of government

13 12. Voltaire Right to freedom of political speech, religion, etc.

14 13. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Popular Sovereignty Citizens

15 14. Magna Carta Created by the barons and signed by King John

16 15. Peasants and Barons Peasants – Poor Farmers
Barons – Upper class rich aristocrats; nobility

17 16. Effect of the Magna Carta
Limited the power of the King

18 17. Significance of Mayflower Compact
First written plan of government in America Set example for the Declaration of Independence/Constitution

19 18. Necessity of Mayflower Compact
Stop mutiny among the Pilgrims/Puritans

20 19. Written and Signed The 41 men of the Mayflower ship

21 20. Direct and Representative Democracy
Direct Democracy – all are involved in running the community Representative Democracy - Leaders are elected to run the community

22 21. Which is which? Jamestown – Representative Democracy
Plymouth Colony – Direct Democracy

23 22. Glorious Revolution When Parliament forced King James II from throne and gave it to William and Mary (Mary was the daughter of James II) 1688

24 23-25. English Bill of Rights
No prison without due process (following proper procedures) No loss of property without due process No cruel Punishment No standing army in peacetime No taxes without Parliament Right to bear arms Freedom of Speech in Parliament Yes, we have all of these today!

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