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Foundations of Government

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1 Foundations of Government

2 John Locke People born w/ 3 natural rights (life, liberty & property)
Created social contract theory of government: People agree to obey government as long as government protects rights If government violates rights, can overthrow it

3 Montesquieu Republican government gives citizens power to govern
Created idea of “separation of powers” Government divided into 3 separate branches

4 Montesquieu Prevents one from becoming too powerful Checks & balances

5 Quick Check Partner A Partner B
What natural rights did Locke preach about? What was the social contract theory of government? Partner B What type of government was Montesquieu an advocate for? What was the purpose of the separation of powers & checks and balances

6 Magna Carta English charter limiting powers of King
Nobility & king have to obey all laws Nobility can overthrow king if he broke law Influenced U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights

7 English Bill of Rights Protects rights of citizens
Lists rights citizens entitled too Laws created by Parliament, not king Influenced U.S. Bill of Rights

8 English Bill of Rights Examples of rights:
Individuals have right to keep & carry guns Elections to Parliament must be free Monarch could not: Collect taxes without consent of Parliament Interfere with free speech Maintain army in times of peace Excessive bail or cruel punishment

9 Mayflower Compact Created by Pilgrims when they arrived in Plymouth, MA First document to establish self-government in the colonies Based on majority rule Citizens abide by compact for sake of survival

10 Review… 1) What 2 documents were based off Locke’s ideas?
2) What are the 3 natural rights? 3) The idea that people will obey the government as long as it protects their rights is called what? 4) What theory did Montesquieu come up with regarding government? 5) What was the purpose of this idea? 6) How many separate branches was the government broken up into? 7) What was the purpose of the Magna Carta? 8) What was the purpose of the English Bill of Rights? 9) First document to establish self-government in colonies was what?

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