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Professional Development Team Weekly Meeting October 22, 2012.

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1 Professional Development Team Weekly Meeting October 22, 2012

2 Webinar Protocol PLEASE MUTE —your computer and we will move you to panelist so you can talk Eliminate background noise as much as possible. Be sure you are signed in with your name. Send messages through the chat window to all as needed; we may not monitor the questions bar.

3 Thanks Donna M for taking notes today!

4 Meeting Outcomes By the end of this session, participants will.… Discuss revisions to Fidelity Support Discuss training for new rubrics Continue to discuss statewide strategies for our neediest districts Review 2X 2 peer observation Issues Bin

5 Team Norms Respectful communication as allies. Be actively involved Focus on established goals Assume the best of my colleagues Thoughtfully involve others

6 TRAINING FOR NEW RUBRICS Eliz-- (Kim is attending a Principal’s Council today) 6

7 Things to Know………. We are doing the training for the validation study. All who attend have agree to participate in the study. Later we will train all educators impacted by these new rubrics. We are planning a webinar training for evaluators – mostly principals. We are planning a face to face training for the evaluatees. This will probably be a conference style with break-out sessions by job type – IT, media, counselor, etc. Dates are TBD but looking at late November to early December. If you are assigned to a team, please study the rubric so you will be an expert and ready to plan the training. Rubrics are located at

8 DISCUSS REVISIONS TO FIDELITY SUPPORT Jody, Yvette, Jessica, & Fidelity Team Members 8

9 Helpful Hints for Fidelity Check Fall 2012

10 Celebrate Consider not giving the rubric during this section Allow groups to think about ALL of their work and use the 4 E’s document When sharing out, think about whether or not you want to time participants (Region 6 gave 2 min. per LEA; Region 4 didn’t time – both worked well but Region 4 took a LOT longer.)

11 Critique Explain that the rubric is for self-reflection. LEAs can decide how to prioritize. This can reduce some anxiety on the part of the LEAs. In Region 6, groups didn’t want to pair up to complete this. It works fine either way. Let groups decide.

12 Collaborate Some LEAs didn’t have anyone visit for all of the rounds. We encouraged those folks to go visit other districts during that round if that was the case. They enjoyed this… You may want to save the Poll Everywhere for after all 3 rounds. You may want to add to the Poll Everywhere as you walk around and hear great things (to model for others).

13 Continue One idea that worked well- Jigsaw the article. Put up 4 chart papers with T charts and the numbers 1-8 for the different pieces of the article. Participants put ideas on sticky notes and post on the chart papers. One person shares out for each of the 8 sections and a facilitator enters the summary into TitanPad.


15 Your Feedback PD Academy – Other ideas to consider-

16 Statewide System of Support To develop regional capacity and self-sustaining network of collaborative professional development leaders during the remainder of the RttT Professional Development Leads will collaborate on implementing the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. Choose PD Academy or develop a support system for your neediest districts

17 PD Academy Review your data to determine who are the neediest districts; compare notes with your Region Lead Looking for neediest as defined by… –Struggle to deliver HQ PD –Academic data may be an indicator but lowest performing district may not be neediest for our work –PD leads asked by district to come over and over and do the PD as opposed to coaching and planning with them –Lack of a PD plan around RttT initiatives

18 PD Academy Will include required courses for participants on HQ PD, andragogy, online learning, etc… –Courses can be delivered f2f, online, or hybrid method Will include electives for participants to choose –Electives can be tailored to meet specific district needs Will include co-training and coaching PD delivery practices PD Capacity sub team and other team volunteers including members of the ID team will build these sessions and it will be ready to deploy by mid-January Greg is project lead

19 Build your own Select the districts using the same process Develop a plan using the gradual release model that includes –Creating PD plan for RttT initiatives with district –Co-training with district PD team –Coaching while they train –Feedback only –Data collection on success

20 Each regional team needs to email Eliz & Robert which option you are choosing for your neediest districts no later than COB on Friday, Oct 26

21 2 X 2 PEER OBSERVATION Robert and Eliz 21

22 2 X 2 Peer Observation for PD Leads Select a colleague to observer you training, facilitating a meeting, coaching, etc. Identify two areas of focus for this observation The observer will use a simple plus-delta to document many positives and a minimum of two areas/strategies for improvement Write your reflections on the process and your intentions for using the strategies for improvement and email them to Eliz and Robert

23 Yvette’s link for Go-To Meeting is not available on Mondays until after 1:30 PM. You are welcome to schedule meetings on Lynne’s Go-To Meeting link, however. Looking for a training? Check our LOR (Drupal). If you have a great training to share, put it in the LOR. The C&I team is developing “look for” documents for classroom observations for each content area. Please ask your SI content team members if they will share a copy with us. Please share a copy with Kim, Robert, and Eliz. If your content team is not developing them, let us know that as well. We may need these for some upcoming NCEES trainings. If you need over 25 copies of a document, they need to go to duplicating. Ann & Kristin can help you but plan for that. Our copier is not made for large orders. Receipts are required to be submitted on your travel for parking. Please save them. Keep space on your calendar for mid-year checks. Lunch and Learn 2.0 – Upcoming topics –Oct 22 – review inter-rater reliability session with Cynthia and Tara –Oct 29 – Polishing your Power Points by Mike Martin –Nov 19 – review Rose Carter inter-rater reliability training Issues Bin


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