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1 Principals’ Session: Addressing School Realities

2 Purpose of this Session Participants will consider how to adapt CCSS- aligned curriculum to meet school realities. Participants will reflect on the kinds of coaching, feedback and professional development that will support effective implementation. Participants will consider how they will communicate CCSS to parents and other stakeholders within their school community. Participants will develop action steps that they can implement when they get back to their school.

3 Welcome Introduce yourselves: name, school, role Discuss: What do the following groups of people need to ensure that the CCSS are implemented with fidelity in your school?  Teachers  NTI Members/Coaches  Principals  Community

4 Assessment Using the World Café Protocol, discuss the implications of new knowledge from the session. Focus on the following questions:  What did I hear during the session that was a new idea or concept that I want to share with teachers in my school?  What did I learn from the session that will provide a focus for communicating with parents and the school community?  What questions do I have after attending the session that will deepen my understanding of CCSS-aligned assessment?

5 Designing Effective Professional Development Focus on specific instructional practices Provide active learning opportunities Allow time for teachers to plan for their implementation

6 Building Capacity for the Work: Professional Development Using your notes from the past two days of NTI sessions, create an action plan for providing appropriate professional development to teachers.

7 Building Capacity for the Work: Communication “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.” George Bernard Shaw PlannedConciseClearRelevantConstant EngageNY.org7

8 Communicating Change Explain the changes in language everyone understands. Anticipate how people will react, questions that will be asked, and issues that will arise. Expect resistors and appreciate them. Listen to resistors and encourage them to participate in the process. Communicate about the change even after the change has occurred. EngageNY.org8

9 An Important Distinction Standards  Learning goals  Adopted by the state Curriculum  Plans for meeting standards  Developed/adopted locally Instruction  Strategies teachers use to promote student understanding  Implemented in the classroom

10 What will the CCSS look like in the ELA Classroom? EngageNY.org10 Less:More: Reading just fiction Reading a blend of non-fiction and fiction Learning vocabulary from lists Learning vocabulary from texts students are reading Reading simple textsReading difficult texts Learning from lecturesLearning from texts

11 Developing Communication Strategies Effective communication can make the difference in the success of implementing CCSS-aligned curriculum Communicating a big change takes precise messaging and preparation  Use the Developing Communication Strategies handout to guide your planning EngageNY.org11

12 Q & A

13 Discussion and Reflection What additional supports will support your work as a leader in your school?

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