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Professional Development Team Weekly Meeting October 8, 2012.

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1 Professional Development Team Weekly Meeting October 8, 2012

2 Webinar Protocol PLEASE MUTE —your computer and we will move you to panelist so you can talk Eliminate background noise as much as possible. Be sure you are signed in with your name. Send messages through the chat window to all as needed; we may not monitor the questions bar.

3 Thanks to Mary R for taking notes today!

4 Meeting Outcomes By the end of this session, participants will.… Discuss the Fidelity Support Discuss Principal Council sessions Discuss a new idea: PD Academy Issues Bin

5 Team Norms Respectful communication as allies. Be actively involved Focus on established goals Assume the best of my colleagues Thoughtfully involve others


7 Discuss the Fidelity Support Session Jessica 7

8 PD ACADEMY Greg and Eliz 8

9 Why? To identify and provide support to the 16 neediest LEAs in the area of professional development To develop regional capacity and self-sustaining network of collaborative professional development leaders during the remainder of the RttT Professional Development Leads will collaborate on implementing the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. ase.pdf ase.pdf

10 Overview Professional Development Leads will collaborate on implementing the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. lRelease.pdf lRelease.pdf Identified LEAs will commission professional development teams of 4-5 individuals.

11 Overview LEA teams will meet regionally with 2-3 additional regional teams for an undetermined amount of sessions to learn: –Best practices on designing PD –Andragogy –Embedding technology into PD effectively –Dealing with conflict in a session –Evaluating PD (Guskey) –PD needs assessment and long range planning for PD These will be built by a subteam like we build Fidelity Checks, NCEES, and other statewide trainings.

12 Overview LEA teams will co-present with PD Leads and regional teams. PD Leads will gradually release responsibility of professional development to the LEA teams LEA teams will reciprocate the delivery of PD for each other and begin taking on regional leadership role. Have LEA teams begin to share expertise and train additional teams throughout the region.

13 Thoughts & Questions

14 Issues Bin We need one person from each region to send Angelia a list of the RttT coordinators in your region by lunch time tomorrow. Include district name, phone number, and email. She is doing research on the use of the Superintendent's tool and the Instructional Central Office tool.

15 Robert is on vacation. Don’t call him this week – unless it is an emergency. Please complete your 2X2 peer observation before the winter holidays. Send Eliz and Robert your reflections. Please send DeLea any questions with answers you have received from your region. This may be in an email string or just the questions with the answer. She will compile a list of these for us to use when working within the region. Please put Questions and Answers in the Subject line of the email to DeLea. Questions on Standard 6 or 8? Email Learn more about Measures of Student Learning/Common Exams at When we come to visit your team, be prepared to share what you are doing for your neediest districts – with artifacts. On October 10, NCPAPA and NCDPI are hosting a webinar to provide updates and answer questions on the Measures of Student Learning/Common Exams. Please visit to register. What else? Issues Bin


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