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Compass Information System – Information for LSASPA Members.

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1 Compass Information System – Information for LSASPA Members

2 What we’ll discuss today… Louisiana Believes 2 New Compass Information System features What is new (changes to CIS and why we made them)3 Future plans for CIS4 Recently released screens Viewing data from previous years5 Multiple evaluators and changes to employee roster6 Flexible observation screens7 - 10

3 What is new in CIS 3 Louisiana Believes October 3 rd Release: Beyond minimum requirements, districts and evaluators have a great deal of flexibility with respect to the frequency and length of observations this year, as well at the way observations are scored. The enhancements released in early October were designed to accommodate flexibility in classroom observations. 1.Flexibility in observations and site visits Redesigned to reduce time spent entering data and to provide increased flexibility:  Single screen design for entering observations and site visits  Fewer required fields  New attachment function will allow evaluators to attach documents to observations and site visits  Flexible scoring options o Ability to enter non-scored observations o Ability to rate any number of components of the Compass or alternative rubrics 2. Evaluator assignments More flexible evaluator assignment process:  Allows multiple evaluators for a single employee  Combined observer and evaluator user roles

4 Future plans for CIS 4 Louisiana Believes Fall 2013 Release (November): This fall, we will continue to enhance CIS to support the needs of educators and evaluators. 1.Student achievement expected trend data shared by school Expected VAM score reports will be shared with each school, including the scores for their currently enrolled students. These reports will be accessible by Principals and designated School Leaders. 2. Viewing/sharing of previous year data Employees will be able to view their own observations, SLTs, and evaluations from the previous school year, as will their new school leaders (if they have transferred to a new site). The process for viewing previous year data will also be streamlined for all system users. 3. Grievances tracked and addressed in previous year evaluations In accordance with the PES reporting guidelines in Bulletin 130, CIS will allow districts to report grievances, and will allow for invalidations and reversals of previous year evaluations based on grievance results. Spring 2013 Release: Next spring, we will address the roster verification and evaluation processes. 1.Improved roster verification process Roster verification improvements will be applied to course code assignments, verification process, and invalidations. 2. Updated final evaluation screens Schools and districts will experience more flexibility in determining final evaluation ratings.

5 Employee Roster Screen 5 Louisiana Believes Toggle to view different schools in your district/LEA 1 View dashboard view of employee information: Employee Name Job Title Evaluation Type (rubric) Evaluator(s) assigned Professional Growth Plan (if entered) Count of SLTs entered Count of Observations entered Count of Site Visits entered Whether a value-added metric will be assigned Whether a final evaluation has been entered Whether the final evaluation has been marked incomplete View only employees you are assigned to evaluate 3 2 Select an employee to access data in subsequent tabs 4 1 3 2 4 000-SAMPLE LEA Use View Only check-box to access data from previous years

6 Employee Roster Report 6 Louisiana Believes Export the employee roster report to see all employees within your district and ensure they have been assigned evaluation types and evaluators

7 Certified Evaluators Report 7 Louisiana Believes Export certified evaluators report to see all employees in your district/LEA, who have attended trainings and are currently eligible to evaluate employees in CIS

8 Observation Data Report 8 Louisiana Believes Export observation raw data report to see all observations submitted within your district/LEA

9 SLT Data Report 9 Louisiana Believes Export SLT raw data report to see all SLTs submitted within your district/LEA

10 Conduct observations/site visits 10 Louisiana Believes Title the observation/site visit and enter basic information 1 Select a scoring option or choose not to score the observation/site visit Enter component-specific ratings and/or feedback Compass Rubric Only Enter comments to the educator about areas of strength, areas for improvement, next steps, and/or overall notes 4 Attach documents for the educator to review 5 Submit your observation/site visit for the educator to view or save for editing later 6 3 2

11 Score observations/site visits 11 Louisiana Believes Component-specific ratings Compass Rubric Only Scoring options 1 2 Component-specific ratings are not required, but can be used to inform all or some components of the Compass Rubric, if they are using a Compass Rubric. If an evaluator chooses to enter component- specific ratings, the evaluator may decide whether to use these ratings to calculate the overall observation/site visit rating. The evaluator may choose to calculate an overall rating for the observation/site visit by averaging the component-specific ratings or entering their own overall observation rating. The evaluator may choose not to rate the observation/site visit at all (either at the component-level or the overall-level).

12 View observations/site visits 12 Louisiana Believes Select a scoring option or choose not to score the observation/site visit View component-specific ratings and/or feedback Compass Rubric Only View feedback about areas of strength, areas for improvement, next steps, and/or overall notes Attach documents for the educator to review 3 2 1 4

13 Print observations/site visits 13 Louisiana Believes Select the observation/site visit you wish to print. 1 Use the ‘generate report’ button to generate a pdf summary of the observation/site visit 2

14 FAQs 14 Louisiana Believes Where to go for help: Network data specialist and district Compass contact listlist For additional Compass resources, review the Compass libraryCompass library For questions about Compass and CIS, email Additional Resources: Compass Information System URL: Additional CIS Guides CIS District/LEA Administrators Guide CIS School Leaders/Supervisors Guide CIS Observations & Site Visits Guide CIS Student Learning Targets Guide

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