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NC Regions Grace Rose Briana Cotton Leah Street. Coastal Plain Grace Rose.

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1 NC Regions Grace Rose Briana Cotton Leah Street

2 Coastal Plain Grace Rose

3 Basic Facts The county we live in is in this region(Beaufort) Many crops grow such as tobacco and cotton There are three divisions in this region the Outer Banks, the Tidewater, and the Inner Coastal Plain

4 Landforms and Elevation There are islands, or land that is surrounded by water, called the Outer Banks There are wetlands (marshes and swaps) in the Tidewater Sand hills are hills of sand in the Inner Coastal Plain The elevation in the Coastal Plain is the lowest of the regions The Sand hills have the highest elevation in this region

5 Climate The Coastal Plain is the mildest region in North Carolina The average temperature in the summer is less than 89 degrees and in the winter more than 40 degrees

6 Attractions Goose Creek State Park, Carolina Beach State Park, Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium, and Roanoke Island Aquarium are all popular attractions

7 Other Cool Facts The first state capital was in this region (in New Bern) Some of the first colonies settled on Roanoke Island

8 Piedmont Briana Cotton

9 Temperature The daytime temperatures are usually in the mid fifties.The temperatures are below freezing at night.Daytime highs in the Piedmont often average over ninety degrees F [thirty-two degrees C] in the summer.

10 What is in the Piedmont? The Piedmont is popular for hay and cattle production.This is also an area where products destined for the local urban centers,ranging grapes for wine are produced

11 Trees The forest of the piedmont primarily hardwood with a variety of oak and hickory.On drier,recently disturbed sites,conifer forests dominated by loblolly pine occur.

12 Landforms landforms in the Piedmont are plateaus and hills Even though there are only plateaus and hills in the Piedmont its population is a great amount

13 Other Interesting Facts The James River winds it’s way among Piedmont hills in the middle of Virginia.Most of the hills in the Piedmont region are smaller than these.All five of the states largest cities are in the Piedmont.Pilot Mountain is one of the five lonely mountains.The other lonely mountains are Stone Mountain,Hanging Rock, Crowder's Mountain,and South Mountains, all of them are state parks.

14 The Mountain Region Leah Street

15 Landforms Mountains Although the only landforms in this region are mountains it is not at all tiny!

16 Attractions Amusement Parks Museums Many theatres Beautiful scenery

17 Climate The Mountain Region is the coolest region in N.C. Daytime is averaged at about 40 degrees. Cool summers rise slightly above 80 degrees Snowfall is usually 14-20 feet, often higher in elevations.

18 Basic Facts This region is smaller than the other two regions. The elevation reaches over one mile high. This region covers an area of about 11,00 square miles and is the size of Massachusetts!

19 Other Cool Facts Land Of The Sky is a common name for this region. The population of this region is 1,015,268.

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