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NC Regions Katie Brickhouse Sara Selby Samantha Ringlein.

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1 NC Regions Katie Brickhouse Sara Selby Samantha Ringlein

2 Coastal Plain Katie Brickhouse

3 The Coastal Plain The definition is –A flat area of land near the coast. It stretches 140 miles inland from the Barrier Islands.

4 3 different Areas of Lowlands 1 area is the Outer Banks Another area is the Tidewater The last area is the Inner Coastal Plain

5 The Outer Banks Made of Marshes and Swamps Has many beaches Is near the ocean

6 Tidewater 15 natural lakes The largest lake is lake Mattamuskeet,it is 5 feet deep.

7 Inner Coastal Plain Easy to farm A lot of rivers flow through this area It has sand hills that are great for golf courses

8 Piedmont Sara Selby

9 Landforms and Basic facts The piedmont has rolling hills that look like waves Mountains turn to hills over many years It has the largest population Five of NC’s largest cities are in the Piedmont’s

10 Climate The climate is 1.1 Daytime high temperatures are often over 90 F (32.2 C) in the summer

11 Attractions There are state parks like Lake James and the NC Local Zoo The Asheboro Zoo is in the Piedmont. It is also the largest walk through zoo.

12 Other cool facts and information Mayberry in Mount Airy is where Andy Griffin Show was in There are several large Universities like Carolina, State, Duke, Wake Forest The state fair is held in Raleigh Charlotte is the banking capital of NC The Governor’s House is in Raleigh

13 North Carolina Mountains Samantha Ringlein

14 Mountain Rocks Contain the oldest rocks in North Carolina Slightly younger rocks in the eastern mountains by several fault zones

15 Mountain Peaks the mountains have a lot of snow it has it at the top of the mountains which is the peak

16 Mountain Range It was in age from over one billion years to about one million years There are rows of mountains The largest ranges in N.C are the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smokey Mountains.

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