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NC Regions Noah Ayers Kyale Gaskins Tyler Gurganus.

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1 NC Regions Noah Ayers Kyale Gaskins Tyler Gurganus

2 Costal Plain Noah Ayers

3 State Tree North Carolina State Tree is a Pine Tree

4 Costal Plain Region Temperature (Lows And Highs) Daytime temperature in in NC are dropping below 40 degrees F. The Highs in NC are 50 degrees F.

5 3 Lands of NC Costal Plain The first part of land from the Atlantic Ocean is The Outer Banks which have Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks and Cape Lookout on the land The next landform is the Tidewater and it has a little town called Chocowinity and the county it is located in is Beaufort.

6 Attractions Of North Carolina NC’s Costal Region has opossums and grey squirrels and Snakes and etc… When it is summer, the snakes come out and go hunting for food

7 Climate The climate of the NC Costal Plain Region is in the winter it may drop -14 degrees F and in the summer the temperature may increase +14 and in the winter, if the temperature drops below 0 degrees F you may get snow!!!!!

8 Other Cool Facts And Information When you cross the Washington Bridge, you are crossing the Pamlico Sound also! When it is summer the hibernation birds come from the south to the north.

9 Piedmont Kyale gaskins

10 Basic facts Pilot mountain is used as a guide Fall line is used to make mills

11 Climate The piedmont region is dropping below 40’f

12 Feterlizing Costal plain has soil that is not as fertilized to make crops

13 Attractions Linville Gorge is Lake James 6,510- acre lake with more than 150 miles of shoreline

14 Famous The piedmont is famous for it’s soil and how it works

15 Cool facts The piedmont region has a fall line and it separates the costal plain from the piedmont,that’s cool!

16 Mountains Tyler Gurganus

17 The Range The range of the mountains is known as Blue Ridge mount. Hills look blue from far away

18 Ice on the mountains There is ice on the mountains. The ice comes from the clouds.[rain clouds].

19 Grandfather mountain The reason they call it Grandfather mountain is because it looks like a grandfather laying down. The nose, eyes, and the mouth

20 The Landforms The mountain landform is just very high hills.

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