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Geography of NC.

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1 Geography of NC

2 Terms to Know Geography - the science dealing with the different characteristics of the earth's surface Region - an extensive, continuous part of a surface, space, or body Topography - the study of Earth's surface shape and features and its description (especially on a map) Physical Features - landforms, bodies of water, climate, natural vegetation and soil of the earth

3 Label the following Atlantic Ocean Tennessee Georgia Virginia
South Carolina

4 Divided into sub regions
Coastal Plains Divided into sub regions Tidewater Inner Coastal Plain

5 Coastal Plain Easternmost and largest region
Flat land and good soil make farming a major economic activity First part of the state settled by Europeans Largely rural today Initially populated by Native Americans Many military bases

6 Label the following: Physical Features Political Features Outer Banks
Tidewater Region Sand hills Coastal Plain Region Pamlico Sound Roanoke Island Political Features Wilmington Kitty Hawk Fayetteville

7 Piedmont Stretches nearly 300 miles of gently rolling land
Majority of the settlers came from the Pennsylvania and other northern colonies Traditional industries include textiles, furniture, and tobacco Most urbanized and industrialized region today and the state’s ten largest cities are located here.

8 Label the following Physical Features Political Features Yadkin River
Lake Norman Roanoke Rapids Fall Line Political Features Raleigh Durham Charlotte Wake County Durham County Orange County Johnston County

9 Mountain Most sparsely populated region
Rural, with small towns and settlements Tourism is one of the region’s major industry Apples, burley, tobacco, livestock, and Christmas trees are major farm products

10 Label the following Physical Feature Political Feature
Appalachian Mountains Grandfather Mountains Great Smoky Mountain National Park Mt. Mitchell Political Feature Boone Asheville Murphy Cullowhee


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