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Coastal Plain Cody Hartwell.

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1 Coastal Plain Cody Hartwell

2 Land along the coast These barrier is land are part of North Carolina Coastal Plain Region It stretches 140miles inland from the barrier is lands North Carolina’s Costal Plain Region has three different areas of low lands One low land is the outer banks, the other two low lands are the tidewater and inner Coastal Plain

3 Water, water every where
Some of the lands the Coastal Plan are so close to sea level that much of them are wet Wet lands are a very good environment for certain kid of plants and animals One kind of wet land is a marsh Near the ocean the marshes are filled with salty seawater Farther in land these marshes become filled with fresh water

4 The tide water The tide water’s name tells us that this area’s low-lying Coast land is affected by tides

5 The great Dismal Swamp The world dismal means “gloomy”, people enjoy visiting the Great Dismal Swamp It has miles of wild and beautiful scenery Part of the swamp is a national wild life refuge or a safe home for animal President George Washington called the area “a glorious paradise”

6 Natural likes North Carolina has 8 natural lakes
Mattamuskeet is the largest natural lake The deepest spot in the lake is only 5 feet deep Its name from the Native American word that means “It is a moving swamp”

7 The Inner Coastal Plain
Is where our state’s richest farm land is located Much of this soil was deposited in the Inner Coastal Plain several of North Carolinas rivers flow through the Inner Coastal Plain On their way to the Atlantic River

8 The Sand Hills The sand hills are hill of rough, sandy soil
The sand hill are not good growing most crops People from all over the would come to the sand hills to play gold on the beautiful courses

9 Piedmont Fabian

10 Piedmont Means foot of the mountain Has rolling hills.
Has the Largest population of all regions 7 of the 10 largest cities are in the piedmont. The piedmont used to be made up of mountains , but over time water eroded the mountains into hills.

11 Mountains and piedmont
Pilot mountain is used as a guide in the Piedmont for travelers brushy Mountains are famous for gemstones Square town mountains area source of granite A quarry is a place where stone is cut or blasted out of ground

12 Cody Hartwell Fabian Palacios
Mountains Cody Hartwell Fabian Palacios

13 Mountains Great Smokey mountains are covered in a grey and white mist just like the blue mist Great Smokey mountains National park is the most popular national park in the U.S People come to ski, hike, camp look at the scenery, picnic, fish, white water raft, bike, etc

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