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Stone Prechtl Hunter Sparks Tyler Moore

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1 Stone Prechtl Hunter Sparks Tyler Moore
NC Regions Stone Prechtl Hunter Sparks Tyler Moore

2 Costal plain Stone prechtl

3 About the costal plains
The costal plain has lowland Lowland is slightly above sea level 1 lowland is the outer banks The other 2 lowlands are the tidewater and the inner costal plain

4 Land forms Wetland is covered with water Marshes has tall grasses
Swamps have trees and shrubs

5 Coastal plain landforms
It has 3,570 square miles of water The total area of the state is 52,712 The link from east to west is 503 miles

6 Coastal plain landforms
It’s a flat area of land near the coast Has 15 natural lakes Lake mattamuskett is the largest lake And has sand hills made of sand

7 Piedmont Region Hunter Sparks

8 Piedmont NC lies between 331/20 latitude and between 75.0 and 84 1/20 west longitude.

9 Piedmont Landforms NC natural setting is the shape of the land
Thus, these land regions have become historical/curtural

10 landforms And Carolina slate belt that are filled by lakes
And the rocks are remnants

11 Piedmont landforms Topography helped shape the history of the state and even to day it is common for people to wish between the piedmont,mountains or the costal parts of the state when talking about politics or other events.

12 Piedmont landforms The fall line is a ancient region
After the erosion were over the mountain were wore away And the piedmont has red soil and not the same soil we have

13 Mountains Tyler Moore

14 How the mountains made stuff
Mountains are made of rock Sometimes there is gold in some places But now it is unlikely to find gold in these areas

15 How mountains are cold Mountains are colder than lower ground because the sun heats earth from the ground up A number of mountains and mountain ranges has been left in their natural state

16 The landform The mountain sometimes does have rock that never falls

17 characteristics High mountains and mountains are located close to the earth’s poles. They are consequently

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