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What is science?.

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1 What is science?

2 What do scientist do? Scientist observe the world around them and ask questions to understand how things work.

3 The Scientific Method Observe, and ask questions. Form a hypothesis.
Plan an investigation. Conduct the investigation. Draw conclusions, and write a report.

4 Observe Look around and you will find that you have many questions about how things work.

5 Of course you are 5th graders

6 Hypothesis It’s a statement and must be testable.

7 Plan an Investigation Before you conduct an experiment, you need to plan. Your experiment MUST test your hypothesis! You have to make sure you have an independent and dependent variable.

8 Independent Variable It stands alone.
It cannot be changed by other variables.

9 Dependent Variable A variable that changes through the experiment.

10 Investigation This is when you conduct the experiment and record your findings.

11 Conclusions After you record all the data, you need to draw a conclusion to your findings.

12 Report Finally, you report your findings. Describe the experiment.
Describe the procedures. Describe the results. (charts, tables, graphs) Connect it to your hypothesis.

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