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The Scientific Method Try This: Eye Color Quest.

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1 The Scientific Method Try This: Eye Color Quest

2 Purpose State the problem in the form of a question that asks what you are trying to find or show in your investigation. Remember: it must be a testable question. Try This: What color eyes are most common in our class?

3 Background Research Find out more about your topic. Go online, ask an expert, go to the library. Write about what you learn. Be sure to include a list of sources (where you got the information). Human eye color is inherited from your parents because it is determined by your genes. Eye color depends on how much pigment is in your iris. Some people have more than one eye color. Common eye colors are brown, blue, green, and hazel. Source: “All About Vision.”

4 Hypothesis The hypothesis is an educated guess or a prediction of what you think will happen during your experimentation. Use your background information to help you. Try This: _______ color eyes are most common in our class.

5 Materials & Procedure Design the experiment: list the materials needed to perform the experiment and the steps to follow in order to conduct the experiment. Materials: Human Eye Color Chart, Recording Sheet, Class of Students Procedure: Examine student’s eyes and compare to eye color chart. Record eye color on chart: blue, brown, green/hazel, or other. Repeat for all students.

6 Results Conduct the experiment and record your observations. Organize your results in charts, graphs, or tables so you can analyze the data (figure out what it means). You may also include photographs/pictures to show results. Results The most common eye color in the class is _______. Eye Color Number of Students Brown Blue Green or Hazel Other

7 Conclusion Explain your results in relationship to your hypothesis. Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect? Explain why. Try This: Our hypothesis was (correct or incorrect) because _______ color eyes are most common in our class and we predicted that _____ color eyes would be most common.

8 Presentation Present your final project at the Science Fair.

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