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Scientific Method A blueprint for experiment success.

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1 Scientific Method A blueprint for experiment success.

2 What is the scientific method? It is a simple method scientists use to conduct an investigation. It is a way to ask & answer scientific questions by asking questions & conducting experiments.

3 I. Question/Problem Ask a question about something observed. –Why? –How? –What? Question to be solved. Must be about something measurable.

4 II. Hypothesis Educated guess about how things work. Prediction Use If, then statements –If ____ [I do this], then _____ [this will happen] Focus on one variable only.

5 III. Experiment Tests your hypothesis. Is it accepted (right) or rejected (wrong) ? Change only one variable at a time. Use a control or control group ( A group that has nothing done to it. Standard used for comparison in an experiment.) In order for results to be valid, conduct several tests.

6 III. Experiment Record your data in a data table. –Numerical (quantitative) data organized in rows and columns –The specific independent variables are listed –The number of trials are listed –Blanks are left for the data (dependent variable) to be filled in

7 III. Experiment TrialVariable 1Variable 2Variable 3 1 2 3 4 5 AVERAGE Title: Describing the Data

8 IV. Data Analysis Reduce the data –Average (Mean) Graph –Graph the data to look for trends & relationships.

9 V. Conclusion Summary of your experiment. After your experiment, analyze your data to see if your hypothesis was accepted or rejected. If hypothesis is rejected, g ive possible reasons for the difference between your hypothesis and the experimental results.

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