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Chapter 2 – This Place We Call Home

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1 Chapter 2 – This Place We Call Home

2 Section 1 –GA’s Flora and Fauna
SS8G1: The student will describe Georgia with regard to physical features and location Essential Question: How does GA’s flora and fauna make difference in your life?

3 Section 1 – Georgia’s Flora and Fauna
GA’s Flora Home to hundreds of species of plants Kudzu – GA’s nuisance plant 60% of GA is forested Trees differ by region Peach and pecan trees contribute significantly to GA’s economy

4 Section 1 – Georgia’s Flora and Fauna
GA’s fauna 40 species of mammals in GA Deer almost hunted to extinction in early 1900s Right whale – GA marine mammal Manatees in danger of extinction in GA

5 GA fauna continued: 170 species of birds in GA GA has only 6 species of poisonous snakes Okefenokee Swamp – home to alligator Loggerhead sea turtles live on barrier islands Fishing industry brings $45 million to state’s economy each year

6 Section 2 – GA’s Natural Resources
SS8E1: The student will give examples of the kinds of goods and services produced in GA in different historical periods Essential question: How do GA’s natural resources enhance the economy of our state?

7 Section 2 – GA’s Natural Resources
GA has many rock and mineral resources Marble and granite two biggest stone resources Coal mining brings over $1.6 billion per year to economy of state Clay products – kaolin and fuller’s earth used in many products

8 Importance of Granite to Georgia

9 Section 2 – GA’s Natural Resources
Gold mined in GA in Dahlonega Kaolin is most valuable mineral mined in GA Mined in counties along the Fall Line

10 Section 3 – GA’s Waterways
SS8G2: The student will explain how the Interstate Highway System, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Georgia’s deepwater ports and railroads help drive the state’s economy.

11 Section 3 – GA’s Waterways
European settlers set up trading posts and establish settlements on river bluffs Savannah and Brunswick are state’s two deepwater ports Economic impact of ports exceeds $1.8 billion per year

12 Transportation infrastructure supports the deepwater seaports
Brunswick and Savannah located close to two major interstate highways and to key railroad hubs Intrastate haulers and interstate truckers serve the state by hauling goods to ports and railroad hubs Two major railroad lines operate in the state Massive amounts of imports and exports flow through GA’s seaports

13 GA’s major waterways have been important in the economic growth of the state
GA’s rivers provide Recreation Water sources for towns and cities Sources for seafood Economic benefits from inland barge terminals in Bainbridge and Columbus Provide low cost transportation services for agricultural and industrial products to and from the Gulf of Mexico and major markets in the southeastern U.S.

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