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Define Absolute Location

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1 Define Absolute Location
Type of location refers to the exact spot where a place can be found – use latitude & longitude

2 Define Relative Location
Type of location that refers to the location of something in relation to something else.

3 Define Physical Features
Natural features on the earth; mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, etc.

4 Define Cultural Features
Man-made features; towns, roads, houses, etc

5 Man-made objects from the past; tools, weapons, jewelry, etc.
Define Artifacts Man-made objects from the past; tools, weapons, jewelry, etc.

6 Natural objects such as bone or teeth.
Define Ecofacts Natural objects such as bone or teeth.

7 Location of GA On Earth – Northern & Western hemispheres, North America, United States Within the US – South, Southeast Regions GA is considered within – Sun Belt

8 Rivers Longest River in GA – Chattahoochee
3 rivers that form GA’s borders – Chattahoochee, Savannah, St. Mary’s River

9 Fall Line Location in GA? – Between the Piedmont & Coastal Plain
3 cities along the fall line – Macon, Augusta, Columbus

10 What are the characteristics of the Barrier Islands
What are the characteristics of the Barrier Islands? Describe them & list the importance of the barrier islands to GA. Wilderness sanctuary, a target of hurricanes, attracts thousands of tourists each year; serve as a bugger for the main land

11 Importance of the Marshes to GA.
They provide a valuable ecosystem, a unique mixture of salt & fresh water to sustain plant & animal life, provide a nursery for animals harvested in GA’s seafood industry.

12 How does climate attract business to GA
How does climate attract business to GA? What Industry is most affected by climate? Mild climate has attracted business & more people to come to GA. No major snow or ice storms to worry about. Agriculture is the industry most affected by climate.

13 Importance of the 4 major transportation systems of GA
Good transportation systems of interstate highways, railroads, deep water ports, and airports give GA and advantage to move goods & services around the country & world.

14 Details about the first humans in North America;
Where did they come from? The first humans in N. America came 12,000 years ago during the last ice age, from Asia. How? They walked across the land bridge, Beringia, which is now covered by ocean (The Bering Strait) Why? They were Nomads following their food source. Herds of animals

15 Matching Section on Native Americans
Study your Charts on the Native Americans!!! 1st Mound builders – Woodland Hunting & Religion of Paleo – No evidence of religious beliefs. Ate giant sloth, mastodon, giant bison Development of Bow & Arrow – Woodland Development of Agriculture – Woodland Wattle & Daub Homes – Mississippian

16 Which came 1st. Bow & Arrow or Spear. – Spear, to hunt large game
Which came 1st? Bow & Arrow or Spear? – Spear, to hunt large game. Bow & arrow was not developed until Woodland European Contact – Mississippian Chronological order for the 4 Native American Traditions PAWM Paleo Archaic Woodland Mississippian

17 Map sections where you will have to label the regions & major cities of GA. Matching sections with the 5 regions & characteristics of those regions. STUDY THE BACK OF Entry #1 – The Map of GA STUDY THE BACK OF Entry #2 – The chart on the regions. Same information that was on your quiz.

18 DeSoto & 1540 Expedition (Why is this important for GA history?)
Considered to be the end of the pre-history period and beginning of the historic period because DeSoto and his men kept written records along their expedition throughout the Southeast.

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