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Cell Structure.

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1 Cell Structure

2 Cell Structure

3 Cell Structure Cytoplasm
Fluid material in which the cell contents are suspended 75% - 90% water Cytoskeleton framework of protein fibres Microtubules: hollow rods which keep organelles in place + move them around cell Microfilaments: (smaller) move materials around cell or move whole cell

4 Cell Structure Organelles Nucleus
- Surrounded by a nuclear membrane (double membrane) with nuclear pores Contains genetic material (DNA) - DNA determines which enzymes (proteins) will be made by cell therefore controlling the functioning of the cell - Nucleolus contains RNA (protein synthesis) - Filled with nucleoplasm Ribosomes small spherical structures which assist in protein production (amino acids  polypeptides / proteins)

5 Cell Structure Endoplasmic reticulum
- Network of channels formed by pairs of parallel membranes which connect with cell and nuclear membranes - Provide surface for chem.. reactions and channels allow molecule storage and transport Rough / Granular ER: Ribosomes attached Smooth / Agranular ER: No ribosomes  Golgi Apparatus - series of flattened membranous bags which function to modify proteins and package them for secretion - addition of sugar, sulphate, phosphate, fatty acids - Ends of golgi apparatus pinch off to form vesicles with proteins inside   

6 Cell Structure Lysosomes
- small spheres bonded by a membrane from the golgi apparatus - contain digestive enzymes (breaks down proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and some carbs) Mitochondria - spherical or sausage shaped structures with a double membrane (the inner one is folded) - contains enzymes which are involved in chem. reactions which release energy    Centrioles - pair of cylindrical structures (which are at right angles) made up of a ring of very fine tubes - involved in cellular reproduction Cilia / Flagella Cilia: fine hair like projections which assist in movement along the cell membrane Flagella: one or two longer tail like projections

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