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The Beginning of the War

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1 The Beginning of the War
World War II The Beginning of the War

2 World War II In Europe, Hitler and Germany were running wild as Great Britain and France continued to appease him. The same was happening in Asia with Japan. China and other countries were also trying to appease Tojo.

3 World War II China went as far as to allow Japan to govern certain parts of China. This still was not enough to make Tojo happy.

4 World War II Back in Europe…
Hitler and Mussolini signed an agreement that states they will remain allies throughout the upcoming war. This agreement was called the Rome-Berlin Axis.

5 World War II Later that year Japan joined this agreement and they were known as the Axis Powers. Hitler then went on Russia and signed an agreement stating that Germany and Russia were allies also.


7 World War II 1939 – Hitler had broken many deals with European countries. September 1, 1939 Hitler broke another deal. Hitler invaded Poland and brought war to Europe!


9 World War II He stunned the world by launching a blitzkrieg on Poland.
Blitzkrieg – “Lightning War” use of tanks and airplanes to roll over an entire country very quickly.



12 World War II Poland surrendered within weeks and Germany continued on to the next country. Britain and France finally responded to Hitler by declaring war on Germany.

13 World War II This is the beginning of World War II in Europe.
Germany went on to conquer both Norway and Denmark in 1940.

14 World War II By May 1940, Germany was attacking: Belgium
The Netherlands France

15 World War II France soon fell to Germany and the leader of France, Charles De Gaulle, moved to Great Britain. From Great Britain, de Gaulle led the French resistance known as the Free France Movement.


17 World War II August Hitler ordered the German Air Force to begin bombing Great Britain. These series of bombings became known as the “Battle of Britain”.

18 World War II The British Royal Air Force (RAF) fought the Germans in the skies and saved Great Britain from being destroyed. Hitler then began to blockade Great Britain by using submarines to sink all ships coming into or out of Great Britain.

19 World War II Hitler shifted his attention off Great Britain and instead began to focus on Eastern Europe and Russia. Hitler attacked Russia in 1941 regardless of the peace treaty, Russia and Germany had signed years earlier.


21 Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 – Japan used a surprise attack to eliminate the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Ocean. Japan saw America as an obstacle to their empire in Asia.


23 Pearl Harbor Japan needed natural resources that were located in mainland Asia. The natural resources were: Oil Coal Rubber Iron

24 Pearl Harbor Strategic Materials - any goods to Japan that could possibly be used for war. These materials included oil and scrap metal.

25 Pearl Harbor At this point, Japan relied heavily on American Oil.
Japan got 80% of its oil from America before WWII.

26 Pearl Harbor So in response to this embargo (refusal to trade with a country), Japan attacked the U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The attack took place at 7:30 Am Sunday December 7, 1941.



29 Pearl Harbor The next day, December 8, 1941: The U.S. declared war on Japan. This was the event that entered the U.S. into WWII.


31 Pearl Harbor When Germany and Italy declared war on America, We were forced to fight WWII on two fronts (theatres). Europe - against Germany and Italy Asia - against Japan


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