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World War II Semester 2 – Day 156.

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1 World War II Semester 2 – Day 156

2 Assign WWII Project

3 Germany needed more land to support a larger population
German Path to War Germany needed more land to support a larger population Set its sights to the Soviet Union

4 1936 – Hitler sent troops to the Rhineland
First Steps 1935 – created new air force Began a military draft 1936 – Hitler sent troops to the Rhineland

5 New Alliances Mussolini Germany and Italy sent troops to Spain
Rome-Berlin Axis Germany and Japan signed the Anti-Comintern Pact

6 Union with Austria Anschluss, union with Austria

7 Demands and Appeasement
Sudentenland, area in northwestern Czechoslovakia Munich Conference – did not object to Hitler’s plan, but rather met all his demands

8 Great Britain and France React
Hitler thought Western democracies were weak and would not react Invaded and took control of Bohemia and Moravia Controlled Slovakia Hitler began to demand the Polish port of Danzig, Britain offered to protect Poland

9 France and Britain began negotiations with Joseph Stalin to contain Nazi aggression

10 Hitler and the Soviets Hitler made agreement with Stalin
Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact Hitler offered Stalin east Poland and the Baltic States Hitler then invaded Poland

11 Japanese Path to War Japanese seized Manchuria for natural resources
Japan withdrew from League of Nations for condemning them

12 War with China China tried to appease Japan by allowing them to control north China Chiang Kai-shek united with Communists to fight the Japanese Japanese seized capital Nanjing

13 New Asian Order Comprised of Japan, Manchuria and China
Wanted control of Soviet Siberia Demanded resources from French Indochina US threatened economic sanctions (oil and scrap iron) Decided on surprise attack on US

14 Germany Sparks a New War in Europe
Stalin and Hitler signed a non-aggression pact Hitler attacked Poland France and Great Britain declared war on Germany Blitzkrieg – “lightening war”; used fast moving airplanes and tanks followed by massive military infantry forces; surprise

15 Stalin occupies Poland
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia fell quickly Finland fought – winter weather helped the Finns Soviets defeated the Finns (outnumbered) “Phony war” for months no fighting between British, French and Germans Hitler suddenly attacked Denmark and Norway

16 Fall of France Attacked through France, Luxembourg and Belgium (Ardennes) Allied forces trapped; retreated to beaches of Dunkirk Escaped across the English Channel Paris fell Charles de Gaulle – set up gov’t in exile in London and focused on reconquering France

17 Battle of Britain

18 The Mediterranean and Eastern Front
Regular Assignment: Create a chart of events leading to the siege of Moscow Create a flow chart tracing events in the Mediterranean and on the Eastern Front leading to the siege of Moscow

19 US Aids its Allied US Neutrality Acts: made it illegal to sell arms or lend money to nations at war Lend-Lease Act: president could lend or lease arms and other supplies to any country vital to the US Atlantic Charter – free trade among nations and the right of people to choose their own government U-boat fired on US ship; Roosevelt ordered navy commanders to shoot German submarines

20 Honors Assignment Create a chart listing examples of Japanese aggression and German aggression prior to the outbreak of WWII. Japanese Aggression German Aggression

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