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Global Conflict: Axis Advances

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1 Global Conflict: Axis Advances
How did new technologies affect the fighting in WWII? What goals did the Axis powers pursue in Europe and Asia? Why did Japan attack the US?

2 The First Onslaught 1939- Blitzkrieg- “lightning war”
German bombers and tanks smash Poland Stalin attacks from the East One month later, Poland exists no more

3 Early Axis Victories France waits behind the Maginot Line
April Germany Conquers Norway, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands

4 Miracle At Dunkirk May Allied forces are trapped between the Nazis and the English Channel Naval ships and pleasure boats rescued troops 300,000 troops saved Raised British morale

5 Fall of France Germany attacks from the North and Italy from the South
June France signs the surrender in the same railroad car that Germany had signed the WWI surrender Vichy- puppet government set up in France by Germany Charles de Gaulle leads the “free French” forces

6 Modern Warfare Use of sonar and radar New technologies improve weapons
Faster tanks Submarines Paratroopers Scientists helped improve weapons Use of sonar and radar

7 Battle of Britain Operation Sea Lion
Hitler tries to weaken Britain’s air power and will to resist August 12, massive German air strikes RAF fights back

8 London Blitz Sept. 7, nights straight German planes bomb the capital 15,000 die Air raid sirens every night People go to underground shelters People continued daily lives Germans finally leave

9 Axis Advances Sept. 1940- fighting in N. Africa
Erwin Rommel- “Desert Fox”- successful Greece and Yugoslavia conquered 1941- Axis controls W. Europe

10 Operation Barbarossa Hitler’s plan to conquer Russia
Wanted to gain the natural resources Forests Wheat Destroy Communism Defeat Stalin

11 Germans Advance To Russia
3 million Germans attack Russia lost 2-3 million soldiers By the fall, Germans set to take Moscow and Leningrad “General Winter”- 1000’s freeze and die

12 Siege of Leningrad Sept. 1941- 2 ½ yr. Siege on Leningrad
Food rations- 2 pieces of bread a day Boiled wallpaper and leather to eat Over 1 million Russians die Stalin asks Britain to open a 2nd front

13 American Involvement 1941- Lend-Lease Act- US could sell or lend war materials to any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the US Atlantic Charter- FDR and Churchill meet secretly on a warship to discuss war goals

14 Tension Between US and Japan
Japan invades SE Asia for oil US bans sale of oil, iron, and steel Japanese are furious Attack is imminent

15 Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 2,400 Americans die 19 ships destroyed
FDR “a date that will live in infamy” US declares war

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