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National University NBCT Program Outreach and Enrollment Guidelines… An Information Webinar 1.Be sure your speakers are on. 2.Everyone is muted. 3. Say.

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1 National University NBCT Program Outreach and Enrollment Guidelines… An Information Webinar 1.Be sure your speakers are on. 2.Everyone is muted. 3. Say hello in the chat window below and tell us where you work. 4. Comments or questions are invited. Please do the following: We will begin shortly.

2 WELCOME! NBCT Program Outreach and Enrollment Support National University School of Education NBC Leadership Center ( Spring, 2013.

3 Participating in Today’s Session Type your questions in the chat window below Download the documents in the file share window below

4 National Board Certification A Symbol of Professional Teaching Excellence National University Professional Teaching and Leadership Development Center (NUPTDC) Ronarae (Rae) Adams, Director Alfredo Villalobos, Operations Manager Joanna Murray, Sean McCarthy, Amanda Trimillos, Doug Lea; Ambassadors 4

5 NBCT Moderators Ronarae Adams, Director and Lead Faculty Sean McCarthy, Program Ambassador Joanna Murray, Program Ambassador 5

6 First---THANK YOU! We appreciate and your interest and willingness to encourage teachers to join our NB degree cohorts through partnership and communication. Together, we can increase enrollment into our prescheduled program to target cohorts of 15 for April, May and JUNE (nationwide ) We want to establish NB cohorts representing each center and OIC region 6

7 Today…Be Informed NB Background NB Cohort Recruitment Strategy  Resources/webinars for potential students  Cohort schedules  Preapproval verification submission form Potential NB Inquiries 7

8 Overview and Goals DISTINGUISH National Board Certification from NU National Board program options and services ACCESS and EXPLORE KNOW the pre approval process for MAT and MSIL students (National Board Leadership)to gain cohort access ENSURE accountability for actions and results. COLLABORATE to fill NB Online Cohorts ( April, May, June) 8

9 Background National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) P20 National University NBC Leadership Center (NUPTDC); NB WAVE MSIL and MAT with NBC Teacher Leadership Specialization (5 courses) courses) Free service to schools and teachers (NB-PD) 9

10 What is National Board Certification? A voluntary process established by NBPTS Achieved through a rigorous, performance- based assessment. Aimed to measure what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do. The process requires teachers to demonstrate how their performances improve student achievement. National Board Certification is an advanced credential and complements a state license. 10

11 NBCTs Over 5000 CA NBCTs The total number of teachers certified by NBPTS in USA is over 100,000 NU NBCTs, 64—26% of CA, 2012 Annual increase, nationwide NB for Principals is next NU NBC Leadership Center is working with PRESERVICE students who want NB Distinction… 11

12 WHY NBCTs? Clears a CA Level 2 credential (SB 299) Provides additional licenses in CA License portability Salary advancement Leadership roles and partnerships State and district financial rewards $$$ DISTINCTION 12

13 National vs. State Standards NBCT-Portability in 42+ states $$$ salary advancement Integrate national Common Core standards Professional Distinction 13


15 National Board Certificates Based on Standards 16 subject areas Range of developmental levels of learning 26 Certificates (content areas) Pathways/Clusters/Specialty Areas The CERTIFICATE area = Five NU NB courses= Capstone! 15

16 National Board Certification Process ( NBPTS application = $2600) PORTFOLIO Video tapes Student work Beyond the classroom WRITING Describe, analyze and reflect ASSESSMENT CENTER Half day Six content prompts Up to 30 minutes each Respond on computer 16

17 Unique to NU Courses deliberately designed to parallel a national certification process NU is the only university with this unique online design and integration of NBCT faculty The program is attractive to ALL teachers who want DISTINCTION represented on a NATIONAL level Students stay connected beyond graduation through online NB community. FREE NB candidate support, online/on ground 17

18 Unique NB Outreach and Process Online Cohorts are the preferred model. Specific course schedules are predetermined. Faculty carefully design the schedules and target enrollment windows of opportunity. Faculty present in multiple regions. Fast tracks reflect the schedule and deadlines for applications to be submitted to an advisor. Mindstreams/SURSA cohorts–no discount. 18

19 Unique Cohort Schedules Students may or may not be NB Candidates Both, NU students and non –students may participate in free candidate support sessions (access Schedules are critical to success and satisfaction. National University’s NB coursework and program parallels the NB process and the NBPTS support and submission deadlines for portfolios. 19

20 20 Certificate Areas = Portfolio Coursework (5 courses) Exceptional Needs Specialist Early Childhood through Young Adulthood Generalist Early Childhood Middle Childhood Health Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood Library Media Early Childhood through Young Adulthood Literacy: Reading – Language Arts Early and Middle Childhood

21 21 Portfolio/Certificate Art Early and Middle Childhood Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood Career and Technical Education Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood English as a New Language Early and Middle Childhood Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood English Language Arts Early Adolescence Adolescence and Young Adulthood

22 22 Portfolio/Certificate Areas School Counseling Early Childhood through Young Adulthood Science Early Adolescence Adolescence and Young Adulthood Social Studies – History Early Adolescence Adolescence and Young Adulthood World Languages Other than English Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

23 23 Portfolio/Certificates Areas Mathematics Early Adolescence Adolescence and Young Adulthood Music Early and Middle Childhood Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood Physical Education Early and Middle Childhood Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

24 24 Three NUPTDC Options: Option A: Master’s Degrees– Master of Arts in Teaching Degree with specialization in National Board Leadership; Master of Science in Instructional Leadership with NBC focus Option B: Stand alone Certificate in National Board Certification Teacher Leadership (5 graduate credit courses or 5 Continuing Education courses ) Option C: Support Network –membership in virtual community (free)

25 25 5 NBC Courses = NB Portfolio NBC 1201x Measuring and Informing Quality Instruction, Teaching and Leadership (overview) NBC 681 Teaching, Learning, Membership in Learning Communities Entry 4 NBC 682 Evidence of Student Learning, A Entry 2 & 3 NBC 683 Evidence of Student Learning, B Entry 1 NBC 639 Accomplished Teacher-Leadership Portfolio Capstone Project (meets thesis requirement)

26 Online NB COHORT Initiation NUPTDC establishes cohort requests for NB Degree and NB support ( with Richard Carter’s office) Contract approvals-- advisors ensure that each student signs and returns for NB cohort discounts as outlined ( NEA/AFT or YOUR regional districts) 12 signed contracts for the proposed cohort and schedule allows courses to be developed and students to enter with discounted “flag” for NB. Courses are locked until procedures are completed. 26

27 CLARITY National University is separate from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. National University does NOT certify students as NBCTs. National University will assist and support active NB candidates who want to submit a portfolio or TAKE ONE to the NBPTS for scoring. 27

28 28 The “Smart” Master’s Program Achieve 2 goals: Master’s & NBC preparation/knowledge 15 teachers or more qualify for the online cohort with a 15% tuition reduction NB portfolio is embedded coursework and serves as thesis project Students do NOT have to earn NBCT or be candidates The coursework is job embedded—teachers analyze their classroom practice and their student’s work

29 UNIQUE FEATURES National University employs National Board Certified Teachers to teach courses. The ten, one month courses are carefully scheduled to parallel National Board timelines and requirements. Student may or may not be NB candidates as they produce the portfolio during program of study. NBCTs are wanted by employers. 29

30 Pre Approval and Self Direction… Click on the MASTER’s COHORT Link to preview the course schedule. Click on the STATE or region that applies to you. Open the ZIP file to preview required forms for enrollment Prepare the graduate application form and FAFSA form (if needed), but do not submit yet Complete and submit the verification form You are now prepared to enroll with an NU Advisor Your verification form ensures that you have accurate knowledge about this program, National Board Certification options, and about cohort schedules for degree completion The NBC Leadership Center will forward your verification form to an NU ADVISOR. You will be contacted for your interview and next steps.

31 NB Program “Soundbites” Differentiated by content and grade levels National standards drive expectations Job embedded action research BUILD the “thesis” as you move through coursework NBCT adjuncts—relevant and excellent role models NB Candidates get free, continuous coaching outside of courses (online, meetings, appointments). PREPARING the portfolio PREPARES you to be a candidate for the NB assessment. Students have choices, options and a long term relationship with NU. 31

32 Let’s Play! Imagine you are asked about the NBC program…. What do you KNOW? What do you SAY? What do you DO? 1. GO TO home page—the video overview of the programs 32

33 … it should sound like this… “The NBC programs may be a good “fit” for you and your career goals… the Master’s Degree and the achievement of NBCT will increase your marketability and options for the future… before we go further, let’s get you fully informed about the different NB degree options we have and the services we provide for National Board Certification candidates. Let’s access our NU NBC site, and you can explore for a few minutes. Also, I suggest that you join one of the upcoming free webinars to hear from the NBCT faculty about the option and schedules for cohort participation. We can move you forward, once you verify that you have explored the site and feel confident about your decision to enroll in one of the options.” 33

34 Next… Take the student to the site. Walk through the program SLIDES and video. Access the cohort schedules. Indicate interest in a cohort, via Verification form. Encourage webinar participation. Sean checks forms each night. We notify you to enroll a student in your region. 34

35 Enroll—April, May, June NB Cohorts NUPTDC Fast Tracks for NB MS and MAT-all ONLINE Students complete pre-apparoval steps Alfredo sends you the lead to admit; unlocks courses Contact Rae for support and direct communication Go directly to for preapproval steps, fast tracks, schedules, MORE! THANK YOU for the PLEASURE of YOUR PARTICIPATION ! 35


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