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National Board Certification: Impact on Teaching and Learning.

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1 National Board Certification: Impact on Teaching and Learning

2 What is it? High, rigorous standards for what teachers should know and demonstrate Designed to retain, reward and advance accomplished teachers through a voluntary system of advanced certification

3 Based on Core Propositions: What teachers should know and be able to do Teachers are committed to students and their learning. Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience. Teachers are members of learning communities.

4 Process Measures Decision-Making… For these students At this time In this setting

5 School Site Portfolio Shows evidence of meeting NBPTS standards through classroom work Includes student work samples, videotapes of classroom interactions Written description, analysis and reflection provides a window into candidates actions and how they think

6 Written work, videos and student work samples Most portfolios require something similar to: 1. Student Growth Analysis 2. Small Group Video + Analysis 3. Whole Class Video + Analysis 4. Documented Accomplishments Portfolio Entries

7 Six questions, 30 min. each Subject specific (content) Tests age-appropriate, content-appropriate strategies Assessment Center

8 Take One! One video entry completed and scored Score can be banked and applied to candidacy No eligibility requirements Now available nationally Cost is $395

9 Why should I apply to become a candidate? Professional Development Professional Pride

10 Why Apply? Incentives Financial reward: $3,000 ISBE annual stipend (subject to state funding) for ten years Pensionable salary of $1750 over the life of the contract. 120 hours of continuing education CPDUs Master Certificate granted (if certification is achieved) Certificate transferable to most states

11 Why Apply? Leadership Leadership opportunities –NBCT Leadership Network –Mentor for National Boards –Building/district curriculum/instructional leader –Statewide teaching advocacy –Other

12 Professional Certification and National Board Certification are not the same! Standard Certificate: based on initial standards for new educators Master Certificate: based on more advanced standards and promotes career growth goals National Board Certification: focused on the highest standards for accomplished teaching by showing excellence in the classroom and in professional life

13 National Board Certification: Where do I start? Visit the National Board Website: Click For Candidates You can download Standards, Portfolio Instructions, and the Scoring Guides

14 What do I need to do to become certified? Check eligibility –3 Years of K-12 teaching experience –Access to at least 6 students in the area in which you are attempting certification –License to teach in the state Pay fee: $2,500 (plus $65 application fee)

15 What support options do I have? CPS NBC Resource Center Universities/Districts: Support groups facilitated by NBCTs Districts: Many districts offer fee support and other resources to candidates NBPTS: online/phone support

16 National Board Timeline Apply after Jan. 1 $65 due when you apply, full payment due Dec. 31 The Box arrives after you pay at least $500 Candidacy year: Portfolio: Complete between April 1 and March 31 Assessment Center: Complete before June 23 of candidacy year Find out scores before end of December

17 Resources National Board: 1-800-22TEACH Chicago Public Schools NBC Resource Center Talcott Academy E-mail: Phone: 773-534-0741 Chicago Teachers' Union Quest Center Lynn Cherkasky-Davis Email: Phone: 312 329 6274 or (312) 329-6272 National Louis University Suzanne Martinez Email:

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