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Isis Albert, NBCT Heather Byington, NBCT

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1 Isis Albert, NBCT Heather Byington, NBCT Maribel Vilchez, NBCT Evergreen Elementary School Shelton, WA

2  Advanced teaching credential, but does NOT replace, a state’s teacher license nor is an ELL endorsement.  Available nationwide for most pre K–12 teachers  Valid for 10 years. Renewal must begin during eighth or ninth years as NBCTs.  It’s a voluntary assessment program which recognizes effective and accomplished teachers who meet high standards based on what teachers should know and be able to do.  10 assessments reviewed by trained teachers in their certificate areas.  Four portfolios entries that feature teaching practice  Six constructed response exercises to assess content knowledge

3  25 Different Certificate Areas: * 15 content areas + 4 developmental levels * EMC/ENL and EAYA/ENL  Process: * Portfolio – 4 written commentaries, 2 video taped lessons * Assessment Center – 6 questions  Statistics: * Since 1987, more than 97,000 teachers have achieved NB Certification * In WA 6,174 * Only 2% of WA NBCTs are ENL certified (119 total)

4  “Research shows that students taught by Board Certified teachers consistently see the highest gains in achievement.” (  TPEP “evidence” component  Increased opportunities for teacher leadership  High quality professional development  Certification to teach in any state  No need to collect clock hours every 5 years  Incentive bonus

5  Knowledge of Students  Knowledge of Culture and Diversity  Home, School and Community Connections  Knowledge of English Language  Knowledge of English Language Acquisition  Instructional Practice  Assessment  Teacher as Learner  Professional Leadership and Advocacy

6  Path 1: EC Generalist, MC Generalist, EAYA math, EAYA science, EAYA social studies/history  Path 2: English Language Development Specialist  Same portfolio entries, different assessment center exercises

7  Describe  Analyze  Reflect

8  The teacher did ______________________  The teacher chose to do this because_______________________________  I can see the students learned _______________________________________ because _______________________________


10  Format: * Computer-based *Six exercises; 30 minutes each *Scenario, stimulus, prompt  Path 1 Exercises: (MC/GEN)(EC/GEN) *Supporting Reading Skills*Literacy *Analyzing Student Work*Mathematics *Knowledge of Science*Science *Social Studies*Social Studies *Health and Wellness*Children’s Play *Integrating the Arts*Health/PE

11  Path 1 Exercises: (EA/Math)(YA/Science) *Algebra and Functions*Data Analysis *Connections*Interrelationships *Data Analysis*Fundamental Concepts *Geometry*Changes over Time *Number and Operation Sense*Connections in Science *Right Triangle Trigonometry*Breadth of Knowledge  Path 2 Exercises: *Domains of English Language Development *Linguistic Structure of English *Second-Language Acquisition *Academic Language (concepts common to all curriculum) *Linking Content to English Language Development *English as a New Language Terminology





16  Textbook chapters (including student texts and teacher’s manuals)  Web resources, including content discipline associations’ websites Professional development books and journals  Resources recommended by colleagues— often these are “tried and true”

17  WEA – JumpStart, Home Stretch  Universities  ESDs  District/School  Take One!  OSPI Conditional Loan

18 Isis Albert, NBCT Heather Byington, NBCT Maribel Vilchez, NBCT Evergreen Elementary School Shelton, WA

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