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11. 2 ReadiStep Results: Creating Your Pathway to the Future 2012-2013.

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2 2 ReadiStep Results: Creating Your Pathway to the Future

3 3 You took ReadiStep : Congratulations. You did it! This tool measures the knowledge and skills you need as you transition to high school and stay on track for college and career success.

4 4 Agenda How can ReadiStep help you succeed? Whats next? Making the most of your score report Your skill improvement plan MyRoad : Exploring college and career opportunities

5 5 Creating Your Pathway to the Future: How Can ReadiStep Help You Succeed?

6 6 Why Is ReadiStep Important? Its the first step on your path to college and career readiness. The College Boards College and Career Readiness Pathway is a series of integrated assessments that help measure your college and career readiness from now through the 12th grade.

7 7 How Can ReadiStep Help You? Early indicators of your college readiness Tools to help improve your skills Planning for your transition to high school Resources to help you identify career interests Information to help your teachers adjust your courses ReadiStep helps you by providing:

8 8 Creating Your Pathway to the Future: Whats Next?

9 9 Review Your Results You Receive: Score reports showing performance relative to other students similar to you, as well as performance on each test question Online college- and career-planning tools Tools to improve your skills Scores sent to your school in December.

10 10 Your Scores Score Each score – Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills is based on a scale of 1 to 7. Percentile The percentile compares your performance to that of students nationwide.

11 11 Your Answers Answers This section shows you how you performed on each test question. You can ask your teacher for a copy of the test book so you can review the questions you answered incorrectly or omitted.

12 12 Explore Related Resources: Begin mapping out your high school path and access customizable tools, such as: MyRoad –Helps you explore majors and careers using a free online planning tool Skills Insight –Provides insight into your skill levels and suggestions for improvement Additional Information available at

13 13 Creating Your Pathway to the Future: Making the Most of Your Score Report

14 14 Increasing Your College Readiness ReadiStep scores are similar to scores on the PSAT/NMSQT and SAT, tests youll take later in high school. ReadiStep scores directly link to PSAT/NMSQT ® and SAT ® scores. For example, a score of 3.4 is similar to a score of 34 on PSAT/NMSQT or a score of 340 on SAT. A score of 3.4 on ReadiStep does not mean you will get a score of 34 of PSAT/NMSQT or 340 on SAT. You are expected to improve over time.

15 15 Creating Your Pathway to the Future: Your Skill Improvement Plan

16 16 Enhancing Your Skills Use your Skills Insight tool to assess your skill levels and discover suggestions for improvement. Always work on improving your skills: Read often. Take rigorous courses. Complete your skill improvement plan.

17 17 Skills Insight Tool Work with a parent or teacher on your Skill Improvement Action Plan 1.Make sure you have the right tools and the resources you need. To make your plan, youll need: ReadiStep Skills Insight, Student & Parent Edition Skill Improvement Action Plan worksheet Your ReadiStep Score Report You should also consider other resources you might need. For example, your parent(s) might be able to help you develop your plan. A teacher or counselor can also help, or you can ask someone to look over it with you once youve completed it. 2.Learn about the skills and suggestions for improvement in your score range. In the ReadiStep Skills Insight document, find the pages for your score range in each test section. Starting with Critical Reading, read the description of each skill category, then read the Academic Skills and Suggestions for Improvement for students in your score range. As you review this information, underline or highlight areas to focus on.

18 18 Skills Insight Tool Work with a parent or teacher on your Skill Improvement Action Plan 3.Choose suggestions to focus on each time you read or practice math, and write down your plan. Once youve read through the information for a given test section, review the pieces you marked as important. Write down key suggestions or strategies on your Action Plan worksheet. Be sure to fill in any information about resources youll need to implement the plan. For example, a teacher might be able to provide practice questions, or you might need a dictionary to work on the reading skill you chose. 4.Spend time on these activities each week. Review your plan regularly to track your progress. Remember that goals and action plans work best when they are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-constrained. By using these guidelines and referring to the Suggestions for Improvement in the Skills Insight document, you can create an action plan that will help you strengthen your skills, and will put you on the pathway to success in high school.

19 19 Creating Your Pathway to the Future: MyRoad : Exploring College and Career Opportunities

20 20 MyRoad : Your Path to College and Career Find college options by location, major, cost and more. Hear what people have to say about their college and career choices. Create an online portfolio for college and career planning. Track what you need to do in high school to prepare for college. Discover your passion. With the I.D. Me Personality Test.

21 21 MyRoad : Your Path to College and Career MyRoad offers: I.D. Me, a short, fun quiz to define your personality type Careers and college major suggestions that fit you Helpful resources at Identify talents and interests what makes you unique. Note: Your MyRoad access code is on the back of your score report. Log in at

22 22 Creating Your Pathway to the Future: Making Your Dreams a Reality!

23 23 Dream Big! You can make it happen: Take rigorous courses in high school. Take the PSAT/NMSQT ® in 10th and 11th grade. Start exploring college and career opportunities now. For additional information, explore: ReadiStep helps you imagine the possibilities.

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