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RESA II National Board Project. National Board Certification RESA II RESA I RESA 6.

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1 RESA II National Board Project

2 National Board Certification RESA II RESA I RESA 6

3 1)What is NBPTS? 2)Why is the process important? 3)How rigorous is the process? 4)What can the Candidate Support program do for you? Key Questions

4 What is NBPTS? An independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization Governed by Board of Directors – the majority of whom are classroom teachers … the most important action this country can take to improve schools and student learning is to strengthen teaching.

5 NBPTS Mission To advance the quality of teaching and learning by: Maintaining high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do Providing a national, voluntary system of certifying teachers who meet these standards Advocating related educational reforms to integrate NBC in American education and to capitalize on the expertise of NBCTs

6 NBPTS History 1983 – A Nation At Risk …economic and social consequences of an educational system failing to keep pace with a changing American and global society. Carnegie task force – A Nation Prepared Urged the teaching profession to set high standards Called for formation of NBPTS

7 NBPTS was founded to improve the quality of classroom instruction... thereby - improving student learning... by - Setting high standards Developing performance based assessments Professionally certifying teachers

8 1. Teachers are committed to students and their learning. 2. Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to their students. 3. Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. 4. Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience. 5. Teachers are members of learning communities. 5 Core Propositions

9 STATE LICENSING Mandatory Entry-level Standards vary by state Focus on content knowledge Standards created with some teacher involvement NATIONAL BOARD CERT. Voluntary Advanced Standards are uniform across the country Focus on content knowledge, performance, and professional judgment Standards created by committees with teacher majorities

10 Why is the NBC process important? Education Weekly, 1997 a good teacher in every classroom is the most effective way to improve student performance. …National Board Certification provides the single best indicator that a veteran teacher has met rigorous standards of quality.

11 Supported by Research An independent study of 600,000 North Carolina students found: Children learn more from NBCTs NBCTs do a measurably better job in the classroom Students of NBCTs improved an average of 7% more on year-end math and reading tests Performance differential most pronounced for younger and lower-income students (gains as high as 15%)

12 Miami-Dade Co. Florida: NBCT 9 th & 10 th grade math students outperform non-NBCT on state math test Gains strongest among students with special needs, African-Americans, and Hispanics Arizona State University: Study finds that having a NBCT is the equivalent of students spending 25 extra days in the classroom Supported by Research

13 How Rigorous is the National Board Certification Process? Performance Based Assessment 1. Portfolio Development 2. Assessment Center Exercises

14 Portfolio Entries 3 Classroom Based Entries Focus on Teaching Practices 1 Documented Accomplishment Entry Focus on Learning Community

15 Assessment Center Six 30-minute writing prompts Focus on Content Knowledge

16 All Four Entries Require: Intense self-analysis of teaching practices Demonstration of content expertise Lots of time Lots of writing

17 Analysis of Student Work: Designing Instruction Typical Classroom Entry #1

18 Instructional Analysis: Whole Group Instruction - Video Tape Typical Classroom Entry #2

19 Instructional Analysis: Small Group Video Typical Classroom Entry #3

20 Collaboration in Professional Community Outreach to Families and Community Teacher as Learner Same for All Certificate Areas Entry #4 Documented Accomplishments

21 Assessment Center Six 30-minute written exercises 12 month window Scheduled at secure site Focus on: content, designing classroom instruction, assessing student work

22 2008 – 2009 Available Certificates Art Career and Technical Education English as a New Language English Language Arts Exceptional Needs Specialist Generalist- Early or Middle Childhood Library Media Literacy- Reading/Language Arts Mathematics Music Physical Education School Counseling Science Social Studies- History World Languages Other than English

23 Timeline Application and $500* payment received by NBPTS by: * plus $65 app. fee Full fee payment and all eligibility forms must be received at NBPTS by To be eligible to test in this Assessment Center Testing Window Portfolio due at NBPTS on or before Receive your results no later than Dec. 31, 2008 Jan. 31, 2009 July 1, 2008 – June 15, 2009 March 31, 2009 Dec. 31, 2009

24 RESA II – National Board Teaching Project Stimulate professional growth Provide a structure for supporting WV National Board candidates Create an arena for sharing successful strategies Provide opportunities to engage in professional dialogue

25 What can a Candidate Support program do for you? Resources Mentoring Coaching Guidance Intellectual, logistical, technical and emotional support

26 However... Responsibility of developing and completing National Board certification materials always rests with the candidate.

27 Our Role... To keep candidates focused and motivated To enhance candidates understanding of their teaching practices and decisions To be nonjudgmental, honest, constructive, professional, and knowledgeable

28 Whats Happening... on the State Level? Fee Reimbursement $3500 / year supplement Expenses Reimbursement

29 - Cabell - $3500 + $2000 Bonus -Lincoln- $2,500 - Logan- $1,500 -Mason-reimbursement of additional $500. Professional leave-2days, av equip. Match state $3,500 contingent on excess levy - Mingo-$1,000 (pending) - Wayne – one time bonus Whats Happening... on the County Level?

30 For More Information... RESA II-Kelly Watts RESA I-Linda Ballard-Price RESA 6-Marian Kajfez

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