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HGP XC Wants Athletes Which Means HGP XC Wants You No Experience Necessary.

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1 HGP XC Wants Athletes Which Means HGP XC Wants You No Experience Necessary

2 If You Need Structured Conditioning Work / Strength Work / Speed Work For: Basketball Lacrosse Swimming Then You Need HGP Cross Country Cardiovascular conditioning is the basis for all sports! Baseball Bowling Tennis

3 Distance Running Fallacies: 1 – If you run distance, you will lose your speed. – FALSE 2 – If you run distance, it is bad for your legs. – FALSE 3 – If you run distance you will lose your ability to jump. – FALSE 4 – If you run distance you will be in the best shape of your life. – TRUE 5 – Distance running is the base for all other sport activity. – TRUE

4 If Roy Halladay, Aaron McKie, and Rasheed Wallace Ran High School Cross Country Than So Can You! Hallady – Arvada West HS, CO – Phillies McKie – Gratz HS Phila, Temple, 76ers Wallace – Gratz HS Phila, UNC, Portland

5 Join HGP XC Winning Tradition Dual Meet Record Since 2000 154 – 0 2012 Dual Meet and Invitational Record 212 – 21 16 Consecutive BAL Championships PIAA State Finalists AAA / AAAA 2007 and 2011 Top 10 State Ranking AAA / AAAA 2007 and 2011

6 Can’t run XC at HGP because you need to play another sport out of season? You are smart – check the statistics! Don’t buy into sport specialization in your early years! Improve your overall athletic outlook and college recruitability by playing multiple sports for your high school! Check the statistics and see why it is better to be a star across multiple sports! (Guidance Information on next slides from 20to%20Pro%20Statistics.pdf?plugin=RWD&Templates=RWD&printversion=2 20to%20Pro%20Statistics.pdf?plugin=RWD&Templates=RWD&printversion=2) Copyright 2006, Georgia Career Information Center, Georgia State University and its licensors.

7 From High School to Pro – How Many Will Go? 59% of high school football and basketball players believe they will get a college scholarship. 98 out of 100 high school athletes never play collegiate sports of any kind at any level. Less than one out of every 100 high school athletes receive a scholarship of any kind to a Division I school. Nationally, out of every 100 9th graders, 68 will graduate from high school, 40 will enter college directly, 27 are still enrolled in college in their second year, and 18 will graduate from college. These numbers include all students entered in college. - US Dept. of Education

8 Only 1 in 16,000 high school athletes attains a professional career in sports. The fame and the fortune of being a professional athlete can be very attractive to an athlete in high school or college who is trying to figure out what to do with their life. What's better than taking something that you're really good at and making lots of money with it? What a young athlete needs to be aware of is the facts. The number of high school athletes that actually go on to play college and pro sports is extremely competitive, and that's putting it mildly. Take a look at some research from the NCAA listed in the table on the next slide. The table shows six different sports broken down by the percentage of high school athletes who go on to play for a college team, how many of those college players go on to play professionally, and ultimately how that translates into the percentage of high school players who get the chance to go pro.

9 Student Athletes Men's Basketball Women's Basketball Football Baseball Men's Ice Hockey Men’s Soccer % High School to College 2.9% 3.15 5.8% 5.6% 12.9% 5.7% % College to Pro 1.3% 1.0% 2.0% 10.5% 4.1% 1.9% % High School to Pro.03%.02%.09%.5%.4%.08% Source: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Estimated Probability of Competing in Athletics Beyond the High School Interscholastic Level.

10 Let's take a closer look at some of these numbers. The most competition is for those who play basketball. Approximately three percent of male and female high school basketball players go on to play college basketball, and only about one percent of those players turn pro. Consider the number in terms of how many high school basketball players actually turn pro. According to the estimations, only 0.02 to 0.03 percent of high school players end up playing in the NBA or WNBA. Think about that number. That means out of every 10,000 high school players, only two or three will ever get the chance to play professional basketball! No one wants to squash your dreams. If you think you've got what it takes, then, by all means, you should pursue it. It is important, however, to be realistic. Have a backup plan. Even if you are good at something or even great at something, it seems that there's always someone out there who is faster, more consistent, or more clever. If you are one of those skilled enough or lucky enough to make the cut, keep in mind that sports injuries DO happen. Academics are important!


12 2012 XC Meeting

13 For More Information Contact: Mr. Meistering Mr. Jacobs Mr. Mundy THE TIME IS NOW! Don’t wait to be successful!

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