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Group collective behavior

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1 Group collective behavior

2 Collective V. Small Group
We just finished discussing small group interactions. Now we will compare what we know about small groups with bigger groups known as collectives

3 Collective V. Small Group
There is _____________ ____________ in a collective Norms are not set and can be very fluid in a collective Unity only lasts as long as the collective lasts Interaction is clearly defined There are roles, statuses and understood leadership in small groups There is usually unity among members of a small group

4 Group collective behavior
A physical gathering of people

5 Types of group collectives
All involve groups of people Crowd Mob Riot

6 Crowds Types of crowds Casual Crowd Conventional Crowd
Expressive Crowd Acting Crowd

7 Non- Group Collectives
These collectives are not started by a group, but can quickly turn into a collective situation PANICS Mass Hysteria Fashions Fads Rumors Myths and Urban Legends Public Opinion

8 Panics

9 Moral Panic

10 Mass Hysteria

11 Fashions

12 Fads

13 Rumors and Urban Legends

14 Public Opinions

15 Explaining Collective behavior
Contagion Theory Emergent Norm Theory Value added Theory

16 Contagion Theory Main Points
1. The collective group feels powerful and unstoppable 2. Emotions escalate rapidly and can overwhelm the senses of those in the collective 3.Collective members become less aware of their actions 4. The collective acts as if controlled by one mind

17 Emergent Norm Theory Refutes Contagion theory idea of one mind in collective Theory believes that individuals inside the collective create a new set of norms that govern behavior New norm is often set by one or two leaders

18 Value Added Theory Created to predict collective behavior
Says that collective behavior is based on six traits Each trait builds on the trait before it

19 Value added traits: Social Conduciveness
Social Structure

20 Social Strain Social conditions that stress people out

21 Generalized Beliefs Stereotype that that has become internalized

22 Precipitating Factors
A dramatic emotional event that “proves” the generalized belief

23 Mobilization Collective begins to riot

24 Resolution Collective looses momentum or, powers disperse the collective

25 Bell work for 12-4-12 (no notes, you have five minutes!)
What are the three sociological explanations for collective behavior? Summarize the first two sociological explanations for collective behavior. What are the six traits of the third sociological explanation that we discussed?

26 Time is up!!

27 Human System ties between the Midwest and the Interior west

28 Steps for a bill to become a law starting in the H.O.R
Idea Sponsor Committee Full House Goes to other house (senate) President Signs or 2/3 of congress votes

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